New Aprilia RS 457’s launched at Rs 4.1 Lakh. A Game-Changing Experience?

Aprilia RS 457

Aprilia RS 457, the First Made-in-India Aprilia Bike with Cutting-Edge Technology and Performance

When the highly anticipated Aprilia RS 457 was revealed a few months ago at the Indian MotoGP round, fans were ecstatic. Since Aprilia officially unveiled the bike in India at a competitive price of Rs 4.1 lakh, ex-showroom in Maharashtra, the fervor has intensified. Notably, this price is a permanent offer rather than a passing one.

Aprilia RS 457

Made completely in India at the Baramati facility, the RS 457 is a paradigm shift that will be shipped from Indian soil all over the world. A 457cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine producing 48 horsepower is located under the hood. The engine of the RS 457 uses an unusual 270-degree firing order, which sets it apart from the typical parallel-twin engines in this class and promises a unique exhaust note without sacrificing refinement. With three riding modes—Eco, Rain, and Sport—and instantly adjustable traction control, it embraces versatility.

Paired with a 6-speed gearbox featuring a slip-and-assist clutch, enthusiasts will relish the optional extra quickshifter. Similar to its larger counterpart, the RS 660, this bike employs an aluminum perimeter frame suspended by a USD fork and monoshock, with adjustable suspension for preload at both ends.

Breaking ground, the Aprilia RS 457 becomes the first bike to sport the TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tires from the factory, boasting sizes of 110/70-R17 (front) and 150/60-R17 (rear). Courtesy of ByBre, braking duties are managed by a 320mm front disc and a 220mm rear disc. The 5-inch TFT dash and switchgear resonate with the larger Aprilia models, radiating a sense of top-notch quality and premium design.

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Aprilia RS 457

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The Aprilia RS 457, which costs Rs 4.1 lakh (ex-showroom, Maharashtra), is more expensive than the KTM RC 390 (Rs 3.18 lakh), but significantly less expensive than the Yamaha R3 (Rs 4.65 lakh) and the Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Rs 5.24 lakh). Bookings open on December 15, and deliveries are expected to start in March 2024. Anticipate test ride opportunities starting January 2024 at selected dealerships


Engine and Performance:

  1. What is the engine capacity of the Aprilia RS 457?
    • The RS 457 boasts a 457cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine.
  2. How much power does the RS 457 produce?
    • It generates 48 horsepower.
  3. What makes the engine unique compared to other bikes in its class?
    • The 270-degree firing order sets it apart, offering a distinct exhaust note while maintaining refinement.
  4. Does the RS 457 offer different riding modes?
    • Yes, it features three modes: Eco, Rain, and Sport.
  5. Does the RS 457 come with traction control?
    • Yes, it has adjustable traction control for enhanced rider safety.

Price and Availability:

  1. What is the starting price of the Aprilia RS 457 in India?
    • The starting price is Rs 4.1 lakh (ex-showroom, Maharashtra).
  2. Is this a limited-time offer or the permanent price?
    • This is the permanent price tag.
  3. When will bookings for the RS 457 begin?
    • Bookings commenced on December 15, 2023.
  4. When can I expect delivery of the RS 457?
    • Deliveries are scheduled to start in March 2024.
  5. Will there be test ride opportunities available?
    • Yes, test rides are expected to be available at select dealerships starting January 2024.


  1. How does the RS 457 compare to the KTM RC 390 in terms of pricing?
    • The RS 457 is slightly more expensive (Rs 4.1 lakh) than the KTM RC 390 (Rs 3.18 lakh).
  2. Is the RS 457 a more affordable option compared to the Yamaha R3 and Kawasaki Ninja 400?
    • Yes, the Yamaha R3 (Rs 4.65 lakh) and Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Rs 5.24 lakh) are pricier than the RS 457.

Other Features:

  1. What type of suspension system does the RS 457 use?
    • It employs an aluminum perimeter frame suspended by a USD fork and monoshock, with adjustable preload on both ends.
  2. What are the tire specifications for the RS 457?
    • It’s the first bike to come equipped with TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tires – 110/70-R17 (front) and 150/60-R17 (rear).
  3. What kind of braking system does the RS 457 have?
    • It features ByBre braking with a 320mm front disc and a 220mm rear disc.

Additional Points:

  1. Where is the Aprilia RS 457 manufactured?
    • It’s the first Made-in-India Aprilia motorcycle.
  2. Does the RS 457 offer a quickshifter?
    • Yes, an optional quickshifter is available for enthusiasts.
  3. What kind of instrument cluster does the RS 457 have?
    • It boasts a 5-inch TFT display similar to its bigger sibling, the RS 660.

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