Honda’s New CB350 Scrambler Design Leaked

CB350 Scrambler

Honda is set to roll out a thrilling addition to its lineup. Brace yourselves for the highly anticipated CB350 Scrambler, a bold move that follows closely on the heels of Honda’s adventure-inspired bike, drawing inspiration from the Himalayan 411.

CB350 Scrambler Design

CB350 Scrambler

Design patents that have recently leaked have offered fans a sneak peek at the fascinating world of a tough scrambler version built on the reliable CB350 platform. The photos that were leaked speak loud and clear, exposing design cues that clearly shout “scrambler.” Keep an eye out for strong metal frames next to the fuel tank, fork guards, and a self-assuredly upswept exhaust—all of which are evocative of the adventure motorcycle featured in new patent photos.

Shared DNA with CB350 Series

Rumor has it that Honda is not reinventing the wheel, quite literally, for the CB350 Scrambler. Instead, it is expected to leverage the same sturdy chassis and reliable engine that power the CB350 series. While the engine tuning is likely to remain untouched, subtle tweaks to gear ratios might be in the cards to align with the adventurous spirit of this scrambler. To balance the equation economically, Honda is set to borrow several cycle parts from the established CB350 platform.

CB350 Scrambler’s Launch Date?

While Honda is keeping its cards close to its chest regarding the official launch date, industry insiders are placing their bets on an early 2025 introduction for the CB350 Scrambler. It seems like the wait will be well worth it. As for pricing, speculation is rife that both the adventure and scrambler variants will position themselves a notch above the current CB350 range. This strategic move reflects the anticipated premium features and stylish body designs that will characterize these upcoming models.

Honda’s Strategic To Taking on Royal Enfield

In a bid to capture the hearts and roads currently ruled by Royal Enfield motorcycles, Honda is pulling out all the stops. The CB350 Scrambler and its adventure sibling are not just motorcycles; they are strategic moves in Honda’s game plan to directly challenge the dominance of some of the iconic Royal Enfield models.

CB350 Scrambler

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As we eagerly await the official word from Honda on the launch timeline, we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the upcoming CB350 Scrambler and its adventure counterpart?


1. Is the Honda CB350 Scrambler confirmed?

A: While not officially confirmed by Honda, leaked design patents and industry rumors suggest a strong possibility.

2. What does the leaked design reveal?

A: The leaks showcase features typical of a scrambler, including metal fuel tank frames, fork gaiters, and an upswept exhaust, resembling the recently leaked adventure bike design.

3. Will the CB350 Scrambler share components with the CB350 series?

A: Rumors suggest Honda will likely utilize the existing CB350 platform’s chassis, engine, and potentially other parts for cost-effectiveness.

4. When is the expected launch date for the CB350 Scrambler?

A: Although unconfirmed, industry insiders speculate on a potential early 2025 launch.

5. How much will the CB350 Scrambler cost?

A: Pricing details are unknown, but experts predict it will be priced slightly higher than the current CB350 range due to its premium features and design.

6. Is the CB350 Scrambler a direct competitor to Royal Enfield motorcycles?

A: The strategic timing and similar segment suggest Honda might aim to challenge the dominance of Royal Enfield models like the Himalayan 411.

7. Will the CB350 Scrambler have the same engine specifications as the CB350?

A: The engine is expected to be carried over, with the possibility of minor tweaks to gear ratios for better off-road capability.

8. What are the key features of the CB350 Scrambler based on the leaks?

A: The design hints at a rugged aesthetic with a focus on off-road capability, including a likely upswept exhaust, fork gaiters, and a potentially modified seat for better handling.

9. Will the CB350 Scrambler be available globally?

A: Initial information suggests a potential focus on markets like India, where the scrambler segment is growing, but global availability remains unconfirmed.

10. Where can I find more information about the CB350 Scrambler?

A: Stay tuned to official Honda channels or reliable automotive news sources for the latest updates and official announcements.

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