Launch – 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS Series

Bajaj Pulsar NS

Bajaj has unleashed a wave of excitement with the launch of the revamped Bajaj Pulsar NS 125, 160, and 200 models in India, with prices starting at Rs 1.04 lakh. Dive into the details of the upgrades that set these motorcycles apart.

Bajaj Pulsar NS

2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS Series: Evolution in Platform and Design

All three Pulsar NS motorcycles share the unchanged platform, retaining their sturdy chassis. While the chassis remains untouched, the Pulsar NS 160 and NS 200 boast a fresh headlight design with revamped LED internals. Despite this major facelift, the body panels and overall design maintain continuity.

Bajaj Pulsar NS

The compact yet dynamic Pulsar NS 125 maintains its sibling’s design but embraces an LED headlight setup. Notably, it misses out on the new DRL setup featured in the 160 and 200 models. Familiar elements like USD forks, 17-inch wheels, and disc brakes persist, with a noteworthy addition being the cutting-edge LCD digital instrument cluster, equipped with phone connectivity and navigation features.

Transitioning to the instrument cluster, exclusive to the Pulsar NS 160 and NS 200, showcases phone connectivity and navigation capabilities. Meanwhile, the 2024 Bajaj NS 125 adopts a standalone LCD digital instrument cluster.

Bajaj Pulsar NS

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2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS Series: Unveiling the Heart – Engine Specifications

Under the hood, the powertrain retains its consistency across all three models. Each motorcycle houses a single-cylinder engine, paired with a 5 or 6-speed gearbox, ensuring a seamless and powerful riding experience.

In essence, Bajaj’s 2024 Pulsar NS Series maintains its legacy while introducing enhancements that promise a thrilling journey for motorcycle enthusiasts. Feel the pulse of innovation as you explore the road on these upgraded rides.

Bajaj Pulsar NS


1. What are the key upgrades in the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS series?

The 2024 Pulsar NS series gets a refreshed design, particularly in the NS 160 and NS 200 with new LED headlights and DRLs. All three models receive a new, feature-rich LCD digital instrument cluster, with the 160 and 200 offering phone connectivity and navigation.

2. Are there any engine changes in the 2024 Pulsar NS series?

No, the engine specifications remain unchanged across all three models. They continue to use the same air-cooled single-cylinder engines with 5 or 6-speed gearboxes.

3. What are the starting prices for the 2024 Pulsar NS series?

The starting price for the 2024 Pulsar NS series starts at Rs 1.04 lakh for the NS 125. Prices for the NS 160 and NS 200 will be announced soon.

4. Which variant of the Pulsar NS series gets the most significant design update?

The Pulsar NS 160 and NS 200 receive the most noticeable design changes with the new LED headlights, DRLs, and a revised front fascia.

5. Does the new instrument cluster offer Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, the new LCD instrument cluster in the Pulsar NS 160 and NS 200 offers Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, SMS alerts, and navigation features.

6. Which competitors will the 2024 Pulsar NS series face in the Indian market?

The Pulsar NS series will compete with popular motorcycles like the TVS Apache RTR series, Yamaha FZ series, and Honda Hornet 2.0 in the 125cc to 200cc segment.

7. Will the 2024 Pulsar NS series offer any new color options?

Bajaj has not yet revealed the official color options for the 2024 Pulsar NS series. Stay tuned for further updates.

8. Is the 2024 Pulsar NS series more fuel-efficient than the previous models?

Bajaj has not officially announced any changes in fuel efficiency for the 2024 Pulsar NS series.

9. When will the 2024 Pulsar NS series be available for test rides?

The availability of test rides for the 2024 Pulsar NS series will vary depending on your location. Contact your nearest Bajaj dealership for more information.

10. Does the 2024 Pulsar NS series meet the latest BS-VI emission standards?

Yes, the 2024 Pulsar NS series is compliant with the latest BS-VI emission regulations in India.

11. What safety features are offered on the 2024 Pulsar NS series?

All three models come equipped with front and rear disc brakes, with single-channel ABS as standard on the NS 125 and dual-channel ABS on the NS 160 and NS 200.

12. Is there a new Pulsar NS 400 model coming soon?

Bajaj is reportedly developing a new Pulsar NS 400, but an official launch date is yet to be announced.

13. Where can I find more information about the 2024 Pulsar NS series?

You can visit the official Bajaj website or your nearest Bajaj dealership for detailed specifications and brochures of the 2024 Pulsar NS series.

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