Kia Carens Earns 3 Star Adult Safety & 5-Star Child Safety Rating in Global NCAP Crash Test

Kia Carens

Families seeking a safe and practical car will be pleased to know that the Kia Carens has achieved a commendable 5-star child safety rating in the latest Global NCAP crash tests. While adult occupant protection scored a 3-star rating, the Kia Carens demonstrates a strong commitment to child passenger safety.

Kia Carens

This article dives deeper into the results of the Kia Carens’ Global NCAP assessment, exploring its performance in both adult and child safety evaluations.

Kia Carens: A Solid Choice for Family Safety

The Kia Carens has carved a niche for itself as a reliable and practical family vehicle. Bolstering this reputation is its recent performance in the Global NCAP crash test program, a rigorous assessment designed to evaluate a car’s safety credentials. Let’s unravel the details of the Kia Carens’ safety performance as revealed by the Global NCAP test.

Adult Safety in the Kia Carens

The Kia Carens secured a 3-star adult safety rating with a score of 22.07 out of 34.00 points. Here’s a breakdown of its performance in various impact scenarios:

  • Frontal Impact: The test results for the frontal impact were encouraging for driver and passenger head protection. However, the driver’s neck area showed signs of weakness, while the passenger’s neck fared better. Chest protection was adequate for the driver and good for the passenger. Knee protection was a cause for concern, with the possibility of contact with hazardous structures. Tibial protection for both occupants ranged from good to adequate. The footwell area remained relatively intact, but asymmetry was observed between the driver’s and passenger’s sides. Disappointingly, the bodyshell was deemed unstable and incapable of withstanding further impact.
  • Side Impact: The Kia Carens performed admirably in the side impact test, offering good protection for the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis.
  • Side Pole Impact: This specific test was not included in the Kia Carens’ Global NCAP assessment.

A positive aspect to consider is the inclusion of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as a standard feature, fulfilling Global NCAP’s requirements. However, the Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) system, though present for the front and second rows, only meets the requirements for the front seats. This limitation contributes to the 3-star adult occupant protection rating.

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Kia Carens Shines in Child Safety

In contrast to the adult occupant protection results, the Kia Carens excelled in child safety, achieving a stellar 5-star rating with a score of 41.11 out of 49.00 points.

  • Frontal Impact: During the frontal impact test, both the 3-year-old and 18-month-old child seats were positioned rearward-facing, utilizing i-size anchorages and support legs. This optimal positioning provided excellent protection and prevented head exposure.
  • Side Impact: Both Child Restraint Systems (CRS) offered exceptional side impact protection for the young occupants.
Kia Carens

The Kia Carens comes equipped with 3-point belts in all seating positions as a standard feature across all variants. However, a minor limitation was identified regarding the deactivation of the passenger airbag when installing a rearward-facing CRS in that position. Nevertheless, the car provides adequate warnings regarding the potential risks associated with this practice, adhering to regulatory requirements. Additionally, the presence of two i-size seating positions in the second row enhances the car’s child safety profile, with a minor exemption for the second-row left position as specified in the owner’s manual.

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Kia Carens: A Step Forward in Safety

The Kia Carens‘ performance in the Global NCAP crash test program reveals a car that prioritizes child safety. While adult occupant protection shows room for improvement, particularly in specific areas like neck and knee protection, the car’s overall safety credentials remain encouraging. As advancements in automotive safety continue, Kia can strive to further enhance the Kia Carens’ safety features to ensure the well-being of all passengers remains a top priority.

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