Mahindra Scorpio-N Features Revised With A Price Hike

Mahindra Scorpio-N

Mahindra Scorpio-N, one of India’s favorite SUVs, has undergone subtle yet significant changes in its features, accompanied by a revised pricing strategy. Let’s delve into the details of what’s new and how it impacts the popular model.

Changes in Features and Variants of Mahindra Scorpio-N

Mahindra has implemented alterations in specific variants of the Scorpio-N, aligning with their Integrated Material Cost Reduction (ICMR) initiative. Notably, the Z4 and Z6 trims have witnessed adjustments, while the base Z2 variant remains unaffected.

Mahindra Scorpio-N

The Z4 and Z6 variants have bid farewell to the cold glove box, and the Z6 variant no longer boasts the previous instrument cluster. Instead, it adopts a monochrome unit reminiscent of the Z4. Furthermore, the Z6 misses out on Adrenox Connect features, built-in Alexa, voice commands, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Z8 variant has also seen a change, now equipped with 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels instead of the earlier 18-inch variant. Previously, the AT versions featured 18-inch diamond-cut alloys, while the MT variant had 17-inch steel wheels with a cover.

Mahindra Scorpio-N’s Price Adjustments

Apart from feature revisions, Mahindra has adjusted the prices of the Scorpio-N. With an increase of up to Rs 39,000, the SUV now starts at Rs 13.60 lakh (ex-showroom) and reaches up to Rs 24.54 lakh (ex-showroom) for the top-tier variant.

Mahindra Scorpio-N

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Apart from features revision and the price hike, the powertrain remains the same. The 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine of the Mahindra Scorpio-N generates 200 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque. A 2.2-liter diesel engine with 172 horsepower and 370 Nm of peak torque is also an option. Six-speed MT and AT gearboxes are connected to these engines.


1. What are the key changes to the Mahindra Scorpio-N features?

The Z4 and Z6 variants lose the cooled glove box, Z6 gets a downgraded instrument cluster and misses out on AdrenoX Connect, Alexa, voice commands, and wireless phone connectivity. Additionally, the Z8 now has 17-inch wheels instead of 18-inch.

2. Does the price hike affect all Scorpio-N variants?

Yes, prices for all variants have increased by up to Rs 39,000.

3. What is the new price range of the Mahindra Scorpio-N?

The revised price range starts from Rs 13.60 lakh (ex-showroom) for the base variant and goes up to Rs 24.54 lakh (ex-showroom) for the top-spec model.

4. Are there any changes to the engines or transmission options?

No, the powertrain remains the same. The 2.0L turbo-petrol engine (200 HP & 370 Nm) and the 2.2L diesel engine (172 HP & 370 Nm) are still offered with 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

5. Why did Mahindra remove features and increase the price?

The feature reductions are part of Mahindra’s cost-cutting initiative (ICMR). The price hike is attributed to rising production costs due to increasing raw material expenses.

6. Are the feature changes a deal-breaker for potential buyers?

This depends on individual preferences. Some may find the missing features like cooled glove box or voice commands significant, while others might prioritize the SUV’s core features and capabilities.

7. Are there any other SUVs in the same price range as the Scorpio-N?

Yes, several options exist like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Tata Harrier, Tata Safari and MG Hector. Each offers unique features, engine options, and price points.

8. Is the Mahindra Scorpio-N still a good value proposition despite the price hike?

This depends on your priorities and budget. Consider the revised features, compare it to competitors, and assess if it aligns with your needs before making a decision.

9. Will the revised features and price hike affect the demand for the Mahindra Scorpio-N?

Only time will tell. The impact could vary depending on how consumers react to the changes and how they compare to competing options.

10. When can I expect to receive the Mahindra Scorpio-N if I book it now?

Delivery timelines can vary depending on the chosen variant, location, and current booking situation. It’s recommended to check with your nearest Mahindra dealership for the most up-to-date information.

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