New Ineos Fusilier 4X4 Unveiled with Eco-Friendly Innovation

Ineos Fusilier

In a leap towards sustainable driving, Ineos, the creators of the Grenadier, is introducing a new 4×4 model – the Ineos Fusilier. Set to hit the market in 2027, this smaller throwback SUV offers both electric and plug-in hybrid options, bringing versatility to eco-conscious consumers.

Ineos Fusilier

Design Evolution: A Glimpse into the Ineos Fusilier’s Stylish Makeover

The Fusilier’s design closely mirrors its predecessor, the Grenadier, drawing inspiration from the classic Land Rover Defender. However, it boasts a more aerodynamic profile, featuring a sleeker front end and a gentler windshield angle. Ineos reveals that the production model will incorporate active radiator grille shutters for enhanced efficiency.

Compact and Nimble: Redefining Size and Structure

Unlike its larger sibling, the Fusilier measures 13 inches shorter, abandoning the traditional ladder frame chassis for a modern “battery skateboard” platform. Crafted with a combination of steel and aluminum, this structure marks a departure from convention. Magna, the renowned Austrian manufacturer behind the Mercedes G-Class, Jaguar I-Pace, and Fisker Ocean, will bring the Fusilier to life.

Ineos Fusilier

Green Performance: Unveiling the Fusilier’s Eco-Friendly Powertrains

Primarily an electric vehicle, the Fusilier boasts electric motors on each axle. However, Ineos goes a step further by introducing a range-extender variant. This version employs an onboard gasoline engine as a generator, ensuring continuous battery charging while on the move. A concept reminiscent of the Chevrolet Volt and BMW i3, this ‘series hybrid’ layout enables the Fusilier to thrive in regions with unreliable electricity access.

Under the Hood Secrets: The Tech Behind Fusilier’s Power

While details about the gasoline engine remain undisclosed, speculation points towards collaboration with an established automaker, considering the Grenadier’s use of BMW six-cylinder powerplants. The battery, manufactured in Hungary, aims for an impressive 248-mile range under Europe’s WLTP test cycle. Translated to EPA estimates, this suggests approximately 200 miles of electric-only driving. The range extender’s battery, about two-thirds the size of its fully electric counterpart, ensures a substantial electric-only range.

Ineos Fusilier

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Driving the Future: Ineos Fusilier Paving the Way for Sustainable Adventure

Ineos Fusilier’s introduction marks a significant step towards sustainable and versatile driving options. With its blend of electric and range-extender powertrains, this compact 4×4 opens doors to eco-friendly exploration, promising an electrifying future on and off the road.


1. When is the Ineos Fusilier coming out?

Answer: The Ineos Fusilier is expected to hit the market in 2027.

2. Is the Ineos Fusilier fully electric?

Answer: The Ineos Fusilier will be offered in both electric and plug-in hybrid variants. The electric version features electric motors on each axle, while the hybrid option utilizes a gasoline engine as a generator to extend the battery range.

3. What is the range of the Ineos Fusilier EV?

Answer: Based on Europe’s WLTP test cycle, the Ineos Fusilier EV is estimated to have a range of 248 miles. This translates to approximately 200 miles of electric-only driving according to EPA estimates.

4. What is the difference between the Ineos Fusilier and the Grenadier?

Answer: The Ineos Fusilier is smaller and more compact compared to the Grenadier. Additionally, the Fusilier utilizes a modern “battery skateboard” platform instead of the traditional ladder frame chassis used in the Grenadier. The Fusilier also offers both electric and hybrid powertrains, while the Grenadier is currently only available with internal combustion engines.

5. How much will the Ineos Fusilier cost?

Answer: Ineos has not yet officially announced the pricing for the Fusilier. However, considering its features and positioning, it is expected to be in the premium SUV price range.

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