Reviving Power: Skoda’s Diesel Comeback with the Skoda Superb Sedan

Skoda Superb

Skoda’s Exciting Move Towards Diesel Resurgence

Skoda India is gearing up for a remarkable shift in its lineup strategy with the upcoming release of the new generation Skoda Superb sedan. The Czech-based manufacturer has recently confirmed its plans to reintroduce TDI diesel engines, signaling a revival in the Indian market.

Skoda Superb

Past Choices: A Brief Overview

In the past, Skoda took a hiatus from diesel engine production in response to the evolving emission norms. The BS6 stage-2 implementation led to the silent discontinuation of the Skoda Superb. Moreover, the global trend away from diesel vehicles during the BS4 era influenced Skoda’s decision to cease diesel engine manufacturing.

Strategic Resurgence: India 2.0 Approach

Presently, as part of its ‘India 2.0’ strategy, Skoda has garnered success with products like the Kushaq and Slavia, both equipped with turbo-petrol engines. Despite this triumph, there’s a recognition of the persistent demand for diesel cars, especially in the SUV segment. Acknowledging this, Skoda aims to diversify its portfolio by introducing diesel engine options.

Skoda Superb

Focused Launch: The 2024 Skoda Superb

The much-anticipated 2024 Skoda Superb, unveiled in November last year, offers a global lineup featuring six engine options, including three petrol, two diesel, and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. In the Indian market, the Skoda Superb is poised to have two engine choices – a locally manufactured 2.0-litre turbo petrol mill and a diesel variant available as a Completely Built Unit (CBU).

Anticipating the Future: Diesel’s Role in Skoda’s Journey

While the expansion to diesel engines aligns with the rising demand, Skoda’s decision to include diesel options may initially be confined to its flagship sedan. The success and performance of the diesel-powered Skoda Superb will likely influence Skoda’s future endeavors in the Indian market.

Skoda Superb

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Conclusion: A Diesel-Powered Future for Skoda in India

In conclusion, Skoda’s decision to reintroduce diesel engines with the Superb signifies a strategic move to cater to diverse consumer preferences. The forthcoming launch holds promise for those enthusiastic about diesel-powered vehicles, adding a new dimension to Skoda’s dynamic presence in the Indian automotive landscape. Stay tuned for the Superb’s diesel-powered journey, set to commence later this year.



  1. Why is Skoda bringing back diesel engines in India?
    • Skoda aims to cater to the continued demand for diesel cars, particularly in the SUV segment.
  2. Is the diesel Skoda Superb coming to other markets besides India?
    • The global Superb offers both petrol and diesel options, but availability depends on the specific market.
  3. What are the engine specifications for the diesel Skoda Superb in India?
    • Details haven’t been officially revealed, but expect a 2.0-liter engine similar to the global model.
  4. When will the diesel Skoda Superb launch in India?
    • The launch is expected later in 2024, but an exact date hasn’t been confirmed.
  5. What is the expected price range for the diesel Superb?
    • Pricing information is yet to be announced by Skoda.


  1. What emission standards will the diesel Superb comply with?
    • The engine is expected to meet the BS6 stage-2 emission regulations in India.
  2. Will the diesel Superb be more fuel-efficient than the petrol version?
    • While diesel engines offer better fuel economy in theory, real-world figures depend on driving conditions and individual usage.
  3. How will the performance of the diesel Superb compare to the petrol model?
    • Diesel engines typically offer higher torque, which can translate to better pulling power, but specific performance figures haven’t been disclosed.
  4. Does the diesel Superb come with any additional features compared to the petrol variant?
    • Feature information is yet to be confirmed, so it’s unclear if there will be any specific differences.

Future Outlook:

  1. Will Skoda introduce diesel engines in other models besides the Superb?
    • The success of the diesel Superb will likely influence future decisions regarding other models.
  2. Is Skoda committed to a long-term future with diesel engines in India?
    • The current strategy focuses on catering to existing demand, and future plans might depend on market evolution and regulations.
  3. How does Skoda’s diesel comeback align with its global electrification efforts?
    • Skoda acknowledges the role of both diesel and electric vehicles in different segments, aiming to offer diverse options to customers.
  4. What are the potential environmental implications of Skoda reintroducing diesel engines?
    • Modern diesel engines are significantly cleaner than older models, but concerns regarding emissions still exist, and regulations are likely to become stricter in the future.
  5. How will Skoda address concerns about the future viability of diesel cars in the long run?
    • Skoda‘s strategy likely involves monitoring market trends and regulations while adapting its offerings accordingly.
  6. Is the diesel Superb a good choice for environmentally conscious consumers?
    • This depends on individual priorities and driving needs. While modern diesels are cleaner, electric or hybrid options offer lower emissions.

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