Upcoming New Mahindra BE.05, XUV.e9 and XUV.e8 spotted testing in Ladakh

Mahindra BE.05

Mahindra BE.05, XUV.e9, and XUV.e8 – The XUV400 has been updated by Mahindra and Mahindra with the latest version of EL Pro. However, the domestic manufacturer is already developing a couple of new electric cars. Three brand-new Mahindra electric cars were recently seen in Ladakh. Mahindra is possibly conducting testing at high altitudes. The majority of manufacturers take this action to guarantee that the vehicle will not give the customer any trouble as they use it in any kind of situation.

Mahindra XUV.e9, and XUV.e8

Mahindra XUV.E9

The Mahindra XUV700 electric variant will be the company’s first electric SUV – XUV.e8. Its dimensions are going to be 1,900 mm, 1,760 mm, and 4,740 mm for length, width, and height. There will be a 2,762 mm wheelbase. Mahindra is going to redesign the front fascia to make it easier to differentiate the XUV.e8 apart from the XUV700. The launch of XUV.e8 is anticipated for late 2024.

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Mahindra BE.05

Mahindra BE.05

Under Mahindra‘s new BE brand, the Mahindra BE.05 will be a coupe SUV. It will directly rival the upcoming Tata Curve electric. The dimensions of the Mahindra BE.05 are 1,635 mm in height, 1,900 mm in width, and 4,370 mm in length. There will be 2,775 millimeters of wheelbase.


1. What are the three new electric cars Mahindra is testing in Ladakh?

A: Mahindra BE.05, XUV.e9 and XUV.e8.

2. When will the Mahindra XUV.e8 be launched?

A: The launch of XUV.e8 is anticipated for late 2024.

3. What is the difference between XUV.e8 and XUV700?

A: XUV.e8 is the electric version of XUV700 and will have a redesigned front fascia for differentiation.

4. What is the upcoming Mahindra BE.05 known for?

A: The BE.05 is a coupe SUV under Mahindra’s new BE brand and will compete with the Tata Curve electric.

5. What are the dimensions of the Mahindra BE.05?

A: The BE.05 has a length of 4,370 mm, width of 1,900 mm, and height of 1,635 mm with a 2,775 mm wheelbase.

6. What is the purpose of high-altitude testing for electric cars?

A: Manufacturers perform high-altitude testing to ensure the vehicles function properly in various conditions, including thin air and extreme temperatures.

7. What is the significance of Mahindra’s new BE brand?

A: The BE brand signifies Mahindra’s dedicated focus on developing and launching new electric vehicles.

8. What are some other upcoming electric SUVs in India besides Mahindra’s offerings?

A: Besides Mahindra’s, the Tata Curve electric is another highly anticipated upcoming electric SUV in India.

9. What is the current market share of electric cars in India?

A: As of February 2024, the electric car market share in India is still relatively low, but it is experiencing significant growth.

10. What are some government incentives offered for electric car adoption in India?

A: The Indian government offers various incentives like FAME-II scheme, lower GST rates, and subsidies on charging infrastructure to promote electric vehicle adoption.

11. How does the charging infrastructure for electric cars compare in India compared to other countries?

A: While India is rapidly expanding its charging infrastructure, it still lags behind developed nations like the US and China in terms of density and accessibility.

12. What are the expected starting prices for the Mahindra BE.05 and XUV.e8?

A: Official pricing details haven’t been revealed yet, but both are expected to be competitively priced within the electric SUV segment.

13. Will Mahindra offer any warranty or after-sales service specifically for its electric vehicles?

A: It is likely that Mahindra will offer standard warranty and after-sales service for its electric vehicles like any other car they manufacture.

14. Where can I find more information about Mahindra’s upcoming electric cars?

A: You can stay updated by following Mahindra’s official website and social media channels, or by reading automotive news websites and publications.

15. How can I pre-order or register my interest in one of Mahindra’s upcoming electric SUVs?

A: Official information about pre-orders or registration options will likely be announced closer to the launch date. You can monitor Mahindra’s official channels for further updates.

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