Will The New Maruti Suzuki Swift Redeem Itself in Upcoming Bharat NCAP Crash Tests?

Maruti Suzuki Swift Bharat NCAP

In the Indian automotive industry, safety ratings have become a crucial factor influencing car buying decisions. The introduction of Bharat NCAP (Bharat New Car Assessment Programme) has further emphasized the significance of prioritizing car safety. Recently, Bharat NCAP generated significant buzz on social media by announcing the imminent release of a new batch of car crash test results.

This announcement comes after the successful unveiling of the first set of Bharat NCAP results in December 2023, where Tata Harrier and Tata Safari garnered a perfect 5-star safety rating. This development instilled a wave of confidence in Indian car buyers, underscoring the importance of robust safety features in automobiles.

Maruti Suzuki Swift: A Contender in the Upcoming Bharat NCAP Batch?

While Bharat NCAP has not yet officially disclosed the car models included in the upcoming crash tests, speculations are rife. Maruti Suzuki, a prominent Indian car manufacturer, is a strong contender to be featured, considering their recent commitment to enhancing car safety standards.

Maruti Suzuki’s Focus on Safety

In a recent earnings report, Maruti Suzuki representatives confirmed sending three car models for Bharat NCAP testing. This disclosure aligns with the industry trend where carmakers are increasingly prioritizing safety measures to cater to the evolving needs of Indian consumers.

The inclusion of Maruti Suzuki Swift in the upcoming batch of crash tests is a topic of considerable interest. Let’s delve deeper into the reasons why the Swift might be a part of this rigorous safety evaluation process.

Maruti Suzuki Swift’s Past NCAP Performance: A Cause for Improvement

The third-generation Maruti Suzuki Swift manufactured for the Indian market underwent a Global NCAP crash test in December 2022. The results were far from desirable, with the car receiving a concerning 1-star safety rating for both adult and child occupancy. This underwhelming performance tarnished the reputation of the Swift, particularly on social media platforms. Maruti Suzuki faced criticism and online scrutiny regarding the car’s safety features.

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A Second Chance for Maruti Suzuki Swift

The new-generation Maruti Suzuki Swift, built on a modified version of the existing Heartect platform, presents a golden opportunity for Maruti Suzuki to rectify their past mistakes and demonstrate a genuine commitment to car safety. Interestingly, the new-gen Swift achieved an impressive 4-star safety rating in the Japan NCAP crash test, securing a commendable 90 percent score.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the significant disparities between the India-spec Swift and its Japanese counterpart. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors that might influence the outcome of the Bharat NCAP test for the Indian Swift:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): The 4-star rating awarded to the Japan-spec Swift can be largely attributed to the inclusion of a comprehensive suite of ADAS features. These advanced technological safety systems are likely to be absent in the India-spec Swift, potentially impacting its overall safety rating.
  • Body Shell Strength: The Japan NCAP crash test report doesn’t provide any insights into the stability of the body shell during a frontal impact collision for the new-gen Swift. This aspect is a critical safety parameter evaluated meticulously in Bharat NCAP tests.
  • Child Occupant Protection: Similar to the body shell strength, the Japan NCAP report remains silent on the child occupant protection score for the new-gen Swift. This is another crucial factor that will be thoroughly assessed in the upcoming Bharat NCAP tests.

Therefore, the participation of the Maruti Suzuki Swift in the forthcoming Bharat NCAP crash tests will be instrumental in gauging Maruti Suzuki’s genuine commitment to prioritizing car safety in the Indian market. A positive safety rating from Bharat NCAP would not only bolster consumer confidence in the Swift but also redefine Maruti Suzuki’s image in the realm of car safety.

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Beyond the Maruti Suzuki Swift: The Road Ahead for Car Safety in India

The upcoming batch of Bharat NCAP crash test results is highly anticipated, not just for the Maruti Suzuki Swift, but for the entire Indian car industry. These results will play a pivotal role in shaping car buying decisions and propelling a safety-conscious car buying culture in India.

As more car manufacturers prioritize safety features and actively participate in Bharat NCAP testing, Indian consumers will have access to a wider range of safe and reliable car options. This, in turn, will encourage carmakers to continuously innovate and integrate advanced safety technologies into their vehicles.

Ultimately, the implementation of stringent safety regulations and transparent crash test results by Bharat NCAP will pave the way for a safer driving experience on Indian roads.

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