Tata Safari 2023 vs Mahindra XUV700 Detailed Comparison.

Tata Safari 2023 Facelift

In India, the mid-size SUV market is one that enjoys great respect. The segment is full of expensive SUVs, including the Mahindra XUV700, MG Hector Plus, Hyundai Alcazar, and others. Additionally, the Tata Safari 2023 Facelift has arrived to increase its value. Choosing one of the many options available today must be difficult. Thus, in order to facilitate your work, we will evaluate and determine which of these two Indian vehicles—the Mahindra XUV700 and the Tata Safari 2023 facelift—is superior.

In this regard, the Tata Safari 2023 facelift is a recent introduction. Tata Safari is now a competitive contender for its rivals thanks to an updated exterior and interior design.

Conversely, the Mahindra XUV700 is the segment’s trendsetter. And why do you think that is? The XUV700 essentially demonstrated the limits to which a specific vehicle could be pushed in this category. This car introduced unexpected luxury, some features that were out of this world, etc.

Now let’s contrast the XUV700 and the Tata Safari 2023 Facelift.

Exterior Design

Given that the designs of these two cars are essentially very different from one another, this factor should definitely be the first one we consider.

Tata Safari 2023 Facelift Exterior Design

Tata Safari 2023 Facelift

The Tata Safari 2023 is an evolution of its previous design, with the new design aiming to become industry standard. It’s also possible to argue that this new design is Tata Motors’ best creation to date. This is a good thing because, in addition to the Tata Safari 2023, the Harrier and the Nexon also frequently share this design’s DNA. All things considered, it appears that Tata Motors has at last acquired the necessary design tools and is attempting to establish a legacy of this specific design language across its lineup of automobiles.

More specifically, a redesigned front fascia is part of the Tata Safari 2023 Facelift. The Safari now has a more futuristic and fashionable headlamp setup in place of the rather bland, large headlamp units that didn’t even include LEDs. It has three LEDs total on both sides; two of them are used as foglamps, and the third is specifically utilized as the LED projector beam.

The DRLs have become more animated as well because they are now maintained in contact.

Mahindra XUV700 Exterior Design

Tata Safari 2023 Facelift

In contrast, the design of the XUV700 is incredibly contemporary. In an attempt to forge its own identity, it defies conventional design conventions, and we have to admit, it has succeeded in doing so to some degree. The XUV700’s sleek, modern design undoubtedly draws attention.

The other XUVs that have come and gone in the past served as inspiration for the front design. The XUV700 attempts to give them a more fashionable appearance with those six slats on the grille.

In the entire segment, the headlamp unit can be regarded as the best. Since they are LEDs, they resemble headlights on other cars, but there is one feature that elevates the entire arrangement to a whole new level. In comparison to its competitors, the Booster Headlamp feature makes the headlamp throw the clearest and brightest. The foglamps that are positioned in the lower corners are also visible.

Additionally well-designed are the LED DRLs, which aim to maintain the Slat flow more on the front.

The vehicle has a very SUV-like side because it is sturdy and tall. We can thank the 18-inch wheels for giving the SUV a more dynamic and masculine appearance. The plush door handles, however, should be the standout feature on the side because they improve the overall design flow of the car and look much nicer.

Once more, the XUV700 has a very well-designed rear end. The back of the XUV700 attempts to have an appealing shape, in contrast to the rear of the Tata Safari 2023, which has a straight, upright cut. The tail lights complement the vehicle’s rear end design nicely. They have a modern feel and appearance, and their design is replete with LEDs.

This, in the end, is what elevates this Indian brand above Tata Safari 2023. Mahindra’s solidarity statement outshines that of any other brand’s so-called SUVs, with bold, blocky lines that define the true character of its SUVs. This, then, sets the XUV700 apart from every other SUV in its class; the MG Hector Plus and the Tata Safari 2023, for example, are unable to adequately define themselves in terms of capturing the essence of an SUV.


We will now discuss the interiors of the XUV700 and the  Tata Safari 2023.

Tata Safari 2023 Facelift Interior

Tata Safari 2023 Facelift

Prior to the facelift, the cabin was decent and made a concerted effort to impress in a number of areas, but something was always lacking. However, Tata Motors has acted morally and appropriately this time.

When the Tata Safari 2023 was first introduced in 2021, Tata Motors never intended for it to be an SUV that tore through every type of terrain; instead, they created something that could provide unparalleled comfort and a pleasurable ride. Something that, although it is probably going to make you smile while you drive it, also manages to put a smile on your face when you sit in the back seat. Thus, comfort was the main focus of this discussion. Let’s move on to the topic of technology.

For the Safari, the technological aspect was also a complete mess. The brand was making a lot of effort to address issues, but as soon as one was resolved, a new bug would appear. Fortunately, though, things have significantly improved with the  Tata Safari 2023 Facelift. Tata Motors should be commended for all of their efforts to put everything back in order.

The infotainment and instrument cluster screens are exquisite pieces of technology.The infotainment system is a 12.25-inch unit, while the instrument cluster is a 10.25-inch unit. They both operate virtually without any lag, as though they were sliding across oil. Both of them have an abundance of features, such as an AQI index linked to an air purifier, multiple audio modes, and a 360-degree camera. They have updated and refined UI and UX. Everything is simple to comprehend.

Moving on to the features, They have a concise seven-word explanation for everything. Actually, it will still have the features that you might have missed. In short, Tata Motors has thoughtfully incorporated a variety of features into the Tata Safari 2023. We have steered clear of the ones we might use occasionally and have obtained the ones we can use the majority of the time. If we had to pick one feature to highlight, it would probably be the way that Google Maps is superimposed over the Instrument Cluster—and in various layouts. One more feature that is a first-in-segment offering is the hands-free tailgate opening.

Finally, what is special? Although there are numerous items, we will concentrate on the AC unit’s touch-sensitive panel. It appears upscale, and it really is!

Mahindra XUV 700 Interior

Tata Safari 2023

The one in this segment that established a standard. The one that was so surreal that it was difficult to believe it packed this much. We never imagined that the XUV 700’s interiors could be designed in such a manner at this price range, but wow, these things were amazing. Look, it deserves respect because, had it not been it, we most likely wouldn’t have noticed as many improvements in other cars in this class.

The interior of the XUV 700 looks extremely luxurious and is filled with vibrant colors, which gives us a more upbeat vibe. The XUV 700 is fantastic car, offering a premium car experience at a significantly reduced cost! When you sit over the vehicle, you feel smooth and glide due to its brilliant monocoque platform, which contributes to its plush ride.

We’ll overlook the fact that it doesn’t currently have a 6-seat option with middle Captain seats, though, as that will come with the next facelift. Even so, it remains a fun ride on any terrain you choose, even without this. It simply won’t annoy you and will work honestly at all times. Alright, enough about how incredibly comfortable the XUV is; let’s move on to the technological side of things.

To elaborate, the instrument cluster and infotainment screen setups on the XUV 700 are connected, making the interior distinctive. Both the infotainment system and the instrument cluster have 10.25-inch screens. The screens’ UI and UX are created by ADRENOX, a highly sophisticated and feature-rich system in and of itself. This specific software is used in nearly all Mahindra SUV models.

The Dual Zone Climate Control system is next to descend, and the center console operates from there as well. It is very simple, with only the necessities. Despite having a rotary dial to operate the vehicle’s terrain modes.

Let’s move on to the features now. Since the XUV is the most intelligent vehicle in the class in terms of both appearance and technology, we really don’t need to draw attention to this. It really doesn’t need an introduction if this is the first Indian car to ever offer ADAS features in its own market segment. Though Mahindra believed that “just in case, if you want more, well, we have you!,” the proper number of features are included.

The Mahindra XUV 700 is special because it is the only vehicle in its class to offer an all-wheel drive system. Therefore, you will always benefit from a little off-roading.

Engine Specifications

When it comes to engine specs, one seems to be extremely wealthy while the other is barely making it through the game. Okay, allow me to clarify.

Tata Safari 2023 Facelift Engine Options

The one that is managing to stay in the game is the Tata Safari 2023 Facelift. There aren’t many potential buyers for the car because it only has one engine available. However, if we apply logic to the situation, one of the Tata Motors officials’ justifications seems to make sense. Due to the Tata Safari 2023’s heavy weight, it would make sense to only offer the diesel engine option—the petrol would end up being a gas-guzzler.

In other words, the 2.0 L KryoTec Multijet engine, which can generate 170 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, powers the Tata Safari 2023.

This engine won’t sound very good in comparison to the XUV’s engine performance, which we will discuss later, but based on reviews, we assure you that it is a work of art. It pulls very well, pulling endlessly.

Mahindra XUV 700 Engine Options

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This car over here has a ton of options, unlike the Tata Safari 2023. Of course, besides all of its flashy features, the XUV 700’s engine performance is what makes it the most popular. We will also commend Mahindra for creating these exquisite engines in India. If nothing else, they haven’t followed Tata Motors’ lead and used an engine from another manufacturer for the Harrier and Safari.

Well, there are now two engine options available for the Mahindra XUV 700.
First up is a 2.0 L petrol engine with 197 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque.
Second, it has a 2.2 L Stallion Diesel engine that generates 182 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque when with manually and 450 Nm with automatically.


You may wonder, though, what about the costs. The 2023 Tata Safari Facelift then has prices ranging from 16.19 lakhs to 25.94 lakhs.The price range for the Mahindra XUV 700 is 14.03 lakhs to 26.57 lakhs.

As a result, in theory, the XUV 700 is far more expensive than the Safari.


Time to start packing! We may have leant more in the direction of the Safari or the XUV 700; the way you handled it is ultimately up to you. However, since the two products serve different purposes—as was previously mentioned—we do not detest any of them. They serve two distinct purposes despite being in the same segment. On the other hand, the XUV 700 promises to be a true SUV with a plethora of features and visual appeal. It is one that promises a luxurious ride with lots of features and physical satisfaction (comfort-wise, obviously).

So, they’re both excellent. It only matters to you; which option would you select? Would you feel at ease and attractive? or Excellent Features for Driving Pleasure? Comment with what you will choose.



  1. Which SUV offers more space – Tata Safari 2023 or Mahindra XUV700?
    • Both SUVs offer three-row seating, but the XUV700 might have slightly more legroom in the third row.
  2. Which SUV is more fuel-efficient?
    • The Tata Safari offers only a diesel engine, while the XUV700 provides both petrol and diesel options. The Safari might have better mileage due to its single engine choice.
  3. Which SUV has a better safety rating?
    • Both SUVs are expected to receive high safety ratings, but official crash test results are awaited for the 2023 Safari facelift.
  4. What is the price difference between the two SUVs?
    • The XUV700 has a wider price range (14.03 lakhs – 26.57 lakhs) compared to the Safari (16.19 lakhs – 25.94 lakhs).
  5. Which SUV offers a wider service network?
    • Tata Motors has a wider service network in India compared to Mahindra.


  1. Does the Tata Safari 2023 facelift come with ADAS features?
    • No, the Tata Safari currently does not offer ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features.
  2. Which SUV has a larger touchscreen infotainment system?
    • Both SUVs offer large touchscreens (10.25-inch for XUV700 and 12.25-inch for Safari).
  3. Does the Mahindra XUV700 offer a panoramic sunroof?
    • Yes, the XUV700 offers a panoramic sunroof as an option on some variants.
  4. Which SUV has a better sound system?
    • Both SUVs offer premium sound systems from renowned brands like JBL (XUV700) and Harman Kardon (Safari).
  5. Does the Tata Safari offer a six-seater configuration with captain seats?
    • No, the Tata Safari currently only comes in a 7-seater layout.

Engine and Performance:

  1. Which SUV offers more engine options?
    • The Mahindra XUV700 comes with both petrol and diesel engine options, while the Tata Safari only offers a diesel engine.
  2. Which SUV has a more powerful engine?
    • The Mahindra XUV700 offers a more powerful engine option (2.0L petrol with 197 HP) compared to the Tata Safari (2.0L diesel with 170 HP).
  3. Does the Tata Safari offer an automatic transmission option?
    • Yes, both the Tata Safari and Mahindra XUV700 offer automatic transmission options.
  4. Which SUV is better for off-road driving?
    • The Mahindra XUV700 offers an all-wheel-drive option, making it potentially more capable for off-roading.
  5. How does the mileage of these SUVs compare?
    • Expect the Tata Safari’s diesel engine to offer better mileage than the XUV700’s petrol engine.

Additional questions:

  1. What is the warranty offered on each SUV?
    • Both manufacturers provide a standard 3-year warranty on their respective SUVs.
  2. Which SUV has a better resale value?
    • SUVs from established brands like Tata typically hold their resale value well.
  3. How long does it take for delivery after booking either SUV?
    • Delivery timelines can vary depending on the variant chosen and current demand.
  4. Are there any upcoming updates or facelifts planned for either SUV?
    • Information on future updates might not be officially available yet.
  5. Where can I test drive these SUVs?
    • You can visit authorized dealerships of Tata Motors and Mahindra to schedule a test drive.

For more automotive updates and industry trends, stay tuned to Motorlane.


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