Global Debut of MG Comet EV-Based All New Baojun Yep Plus Electric SUV: A Potential Challenger for India’s EV Market?

Baojun Yep Plus

Baojun Yep Plus: A New Electric SUV with Global Prospects

The newest electric SUV from Chinese automaker Baojun, the Yep Plus, was just presented. It is an expansion of the 3-door Yep that was introduced the previous year. For those who don’t know, MG Motor’s parent business, state-owned SAIC Motor, is the parent company of Baojun. Yep and Yep Plus are built on the same platform as the MG Comet EV, or Wuling Air as it is known in China. 

According to reports, the 5-door Baojun Yep Plus will go on sale in China during the first quarter of 2024. Recently, a subcompact electric SUV test mule was observed driving on Chinese highways. Similar to its 3-door counterpart, the Yep Plus was created as a part of SAIC and General Motors’ joint venture. In China, it has been priced at 83,800 yuan (equivalent to Rs 9.78 lakh).

Baojun Yep Plus Design & Dimensions: Aesthetic Highlights and Structural Evolution of the 5-Door Yep Plus

Baojun Yep Plus

The Baojun Yep Plus retains the unique design language of its three-door sibling, with a boxy profile, upright pillars, and a flat roofline. The 5-door model is distinguished visually by features such as a white roof, distinctive rims, and blacked-out pillars. With a wheelbase of 2560mm and an expanded length of 3996mm, the Yep Plus is over 600mm longer than the 3-door Yep. The enlarged breadth and height of this subcompact electric SUV add to its distinctive and alluring look, which is evocative of a scaled-down Land Rover Defender.

Baojun Yep Plus Powertrain: Unleashing Performance with a Robust Electric Powertrain

Baojun Yep Plus

A 28.1 kWh LFP battery powers the Baojun Yep Plus’s rear-axle-mounted electric motor, which produces 75kW (101 horsepower). With this power combination, the predicted max range (based on the CLTC cycle) is a remarkable 401 km, and the top speed is 150 kmph. An extensive examination of the electric powertrain is given in this section, emphasizing its effectiveness and capabilities.

Baojun Yep Plus: Will it come to India?

Baojun Yep Plus

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MG Motor has filed design patents for the 3-door Yep in India in the past, so there’s a chance the Yep Plus will make it to India. The MG Comet EV, which is tuned for the Indian market, and Yep and Yep Plus are both built on the same Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform manufactured by SAIC. Yep Plus could be a stepping stone between the current Comet and ZS EV vehicles, given MG Motor’s emphasis on growing its EV roster. Its precise model and the timing of its possible launch in India are yet unknown, though.


The Baojun Yep Plus shows up as a promising addition to the range as MG Motor successfully negotiates India’s changing electric car market. By its distinct styling, sturdy drivetrain, and possible integration onto the GSEV platform, the Yep Plus has the potential to significantly close the gap between MG’s present EV lineup and fulfilling India’s increasing need for environmentally friendly transportation.


1. What is the Baojun Yep Plus?

The Baojun Yep Plus is a new 5-door electric SUV from Chinese automaker Baojun. It is an extended version of the previously launched 3-door Yep.

2. When will the Baojun Yep Plus be released?

The Baojun Yep Plus was released in China in the first quarter of 2024. There is currently no information on a global release.

3. Is the Baojun Yep Plus coming to India?

There is no official confirmation, but MG Motor, which shares the same parent company as Baojun, has filed design patents for the 3-door Yep in India. This suggests the Yep Plus could potentially come to India in the future.

4. What is the range of the Baojun Yep Plus?

The Baojun Yep Plus has a claimed CLTC range of 401 km (around 250 miles) on a single charge.

5. What is the price of the Baojun Yep Plus?

The Baojun Yep Plus is priced at 83,800 yuan (around Rs 9.78 lakh) in China. The price for other markets, if applicable, would be announced later.

6. What is the powertrain of the Baojun Yep Plus?

The Baojun Yep Plus features a rear-mounted electric motor producing 75kW (101 horsepower) and a 28.1 kWh LFP battery pack.

7. What is the top speed of the Baojun Yep Plus?

The Baojun Yep Plus has a top speed of 150 kmph (around 93 mph).

8. How does the Baojun Yep Plus compare to the MG Comet EV?

Both the Baojun Yep Plus and MG Comet EV are built on the same platform. However, the Yep Plus is slightly larger and has a different design compared to the Comet EV.

9. Is the Baojun Yep Plus a good competitor in the Indian EV market?

The Baojun Yep Plus, if launched in India, could potentially be a good competitor due to its features, design, and potential competitive pricing. However, the actual competition depends on the final specifications and pricing offered in the Indian market.

10. What are the dimensions of the Baojun Yep Plus?

The Baojun Yep Plus has a wheelbase of 2560mm and a length of 3996mm. It is wider and taller than the 3-door Yep, offering more passenger and cargo space.

11. What are the safety features of the Baojun Yep Plus?

Specific information about the safety features of the Baojun Yep Plus is not yet available.

12. Does the Baojun Yep Plus support fast charging?

There is no official confirmation regarding the fast-charging capabilities of the Baojun Yep Plus.

13. What are the warranty details of the Baojun Yep Plus?

Warranty information for the Baojun Yep Plus is specific to the Chinese market and may not be applicable to other regions.

14. Where can I learn more about the Baojun Yep Plus?

Official information about the Baojun Yep Plus can be found on the Baojun website (in Chinese) or through authorized Baojun dealerships.

15. What are the pros and cons of the Baojun Yep Plus?


  • Competitive price (in China)
  • Good range
  • Spacious interior (compared to 3-door Yep)
  • Potential for India launch


  • Currently only available in China
  • Limited information on features and specifications outside of China
  • Unknown availability of service and support outside of China

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