Skoda Epiq electric SUV For India Breaks Cover

Skoda Epiq

The Czech Republic’s renowned automaker has unveiled the new electric SUV the Skoda Epiq, an alluring concept setting the stage for their foray into the Indian electric SUV market. This exciting reveal marks the Epiq as one of six electric vehicles (EVs) Skoda plans to introduce in India by the end of the decade.

A Compact Contender

The Epiq boasts a length of approximately 4.1 meters, making it a perfect contender for Indian cityscapes. This compact design promises maneuverability and ease of handling in bustling urban environments. Skoda anticipates a competitive price point of around 25,000 Euros (approximately Rs 22.57 lakh) when launched in Europe, indicating a potentially attractive price tag for the Indian market.

Modern Solid Design Language

The Epiq embodies Skoda’s new Modern Solid design philosophy, both inside and out. This translates to a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that is both functional and visually striking.

Skoda Epiq

Skoda Epiq Exterior Highlights

While the concept nature of the Epiq suggests some design elements might be tweaked for the final production model, the current iteration offers a glimpse into Skoda’s vision. The signature butterfly grille gets a modern makeover, relocated to the lower portion of the front fascia. Flanking this new grille are distinctive T-shaped LED daytime running lights (DRLs) and indicators. The main headlamp clusters occupy a lower position on the bumper, framed by a contrasting dark chrome spoiler. These lighting units boast a modern, cubist-inspired design and cutting-edge Matrix LED technology.

Skoda Epiq

The side profile showcases a dynamic high waistline, visually separating the cabin from the rest of the car. Aerodynamically optimized wheels housed within squared wheel arches further enhance the Epiq’s sporty character. The roofline slopes gently towards the rear, culminating in a spoiler that contributes to optimal aerodynamic efficiency. The rear profile features a robust bumper and Škoda lettering in a distinctive dark chrome finish on the tailgate.

A Modern and Functional Interior

The Modern Solid design theme seamlessly extends into the Epiq’s cabin. The interior prioritizes both comfort and functionality. A prominent feature is the free-floating center console, which incorporates an open storage compartment with a wireless mobile phone charger. The spacious boot offers an ample cargo capacity of 490 liters and boasts practical features like bag hooks, cargo elements, fastening hooks, and a hidden underfloor compartment.

Skoda Epiq

Technological advancements are evident throughout the cabin. The driver grips a stylish two-spoke steering wheel featuring the new Škoda lettering. Physical buttons and haptic scroll wheels with vibrant orange accents provide a user-friendly interface. A digital instrument console relays vital driving information, while a large, floating touchscreen infotainment display takes center stage, offering intuitive control over the vehicle’s entertainment and connectivity features. The Epiq also boasts a mobile digital key, allowing for a wide range of functions to be controlled via a smartphone – a feature sure to resonate with tech-savvy drivers.

Powertrain and Performance (Expected)

While specifics haven’t been officially revealed, the Epiq is expected to share its all-electric powertrain with the Volkswagen ID.2. This powertrain is based on the versatile modular electric drive platform (MEB). While official range figures are yet to be confirmed, industry speculations suggest the Epiq might offer a driving range of around 400 kilometers on a single charge. Front-wheel drive is likely to be the sole drivetrain option, optimizing packaging efficiency within the compact form factor.

Skoda Epiq

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Skoda Epiq: A Pioneering Step for Electric Mobility in India

The Skoda Epiq‘s arrival signifies a pivotal moment for electric mobility in India. This concept SUV offers a compelling blend of practicality, technology, and sleek design. With its competitive size and potential price point, the Epiq caters specifically to the needs of Indian consumers. As Skoda gears up for the official launch, the Epiq has undoubtedly generated significant excitement and positioned itself as a strong contender in the burgeoning Indian electric SUV market.



  1. Is the Skoda Epiq an electric vehicle (EV)? Yes, the Skoda Epiq is an all-electric SUV concept unveiled by Skoda.
  2. When will the Skoda Epiq be released in India? Skoda has not yet announced an official release date for the Epiq in India. However, the concept’s unveiling suggests a potential launch sometime in the coming years.
  3. What is the expected price of the Skoda Epiq in India? Based on the European price point of around 25,000 Euros (approximately Rs 22.57 lakh), the Epiq is expected to be competitively priced in the Indian market. The final price will depend on various factors like production costs, import duties, and market positioning.
  4. Where will the Skoda Epiq be manufactured? Skoda hasn’t confirmed the production location for the Epiq yet. However, there’s a possibility it could be manufactured at their existing facilities in India.

Design and Interior

  1. What are the key design elements of the Skoda Epiq? The Epiq embodies Skoda’s Modern Solid design philosophy, featuring a sleek and contemporary look. Highlights include a redesigned butterfly grille, T-shaped LED DRLs, and a sloping roofline with a spoiler.
  2. What are some interior features of the Skoda Epiq concept? The interior prioritizes comfort and functionality. It features a free-floating center console with a wireless phone charger, a spacious boot with cargo management features, a digital instrument cluster, and a large touchscreen infotainment system.
  3. Does the Skoda Epiq have a sunroof? Information on a sunroof hasn’t been revealed yet. However, considering the concept nature, the final production model might include a sunroof option.

Technology and Performance

  1. What kind of electric powertrain will the Skoda Epiq have? The Epiq is expected to share its all-electric powertrain with the Volkswagen ID.2, likely based on the MEB platform.
  2. What is the expected driving range of the Skoda Epiq on a single charge? Official figures haven’t been confirmed, but industry speculations suggest a range of around 400 kilometers.
  3. Will the Skoda Epiq be offered in all-wheel drive (AWD)? Front-wheel drive is currently expected to be the sole drivetrain option, optimizing packaging efficiency for the compact SUV.


  1. What are some potential competitors for the Skoda Epiq in the Indian market? The Epiq might face competition from upcoming electric SUVs like the Hyundai Kona Electric, MG ZS EV, and Mahindra XUV400 Electric.
  2. How will the Skoda Epiq differentiate itself from the competition? Skoda’s brand reputation, the Modern Solid design language, and potential features like a spacious interior and competitive price tag could set the Epiq apart.

Charging and Maintenance

  1. What type of charging options will the Skoda Epiq offer? Details on specific charging options haven’t been revealed. However, it’s likely to support both DC fast charging and AC home charging.
  2. Will there be any government incentives for purchasing the Skoda Epiq in India? The Indian government offers various subsidies and benefits for electric vehicle purchases. The specific incentives applicable to the Epiq will depend on government policies at the time of launch.
  3. Where will I be able to get the Skoda Epiq serviced? Skoda’s existing service network in India will likely be equipped to handle the Epiq once it launches.

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