India sees the Hot debut of Acer’s first electric scooter MUVI 125.


Acer the well-known company, which is best known for its electronics, hardware, and PCs, has introduced its first e-scooter, the MUVI 125 4G, into the Indian market. This electric scooter, priced at Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom), is sure to turn heads.


Think Ebikego, an EV startup based in Mumbai, designed and produced the scooter. The MUVI 125 4G has a sleek and contemporary look thanks to its smaller size and larger diameter alloy wheels.

The MUVI 125 4G has a modern appearance thanks to its svelte, narrow front fairing and futuristic-looking circular LED headlamp. A single offset monoshock at the back and a standard telescopic front fork guarantee a smooth ride. Additionally, the scooter has dependable disc brakes on both ends.


Acer hasn’t released any technical information about the MUVI 125 4G, but it has said that the scooter is desirable and eco-friendly because it can receive subsidies from the state and state governments and has swappable batteries.

The MUVI 125 4G can also be customized for the business-to-business market, focusing on local grocery and food delivery applications, providing a practical and efficient solution.

With its cutting-edge features and affordable price, Acer’s MUVI 125 4G is set to have a big impact on the Indian e-scooter market. Watch this space for further information about this fascinating street addition.


“The Acer MUVI 125 4G represents our vision for a greener future,” stated Dr. Irfan Khan, CEO of Think eBikeGo Private Limited, Acer’s official licensee, during the price announcement. We think that urban commuters will increasingly choose it. The first electric vehicle model to be introduced under the Acer brand in India is the MUVI 125 4G. They intend to release a variety of two- and three-wheeler EVs soon, including e-trikes, e-bikes, and e-bicycles.

Acer MUVI 125 Top speed


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MUVI 125 has a top speed of 75 kmph and an range of 80 km. This scooter has some amazing features, like a swappable battery powertrain that makes charging simple. Its 16-inch wheels and lightweight chassis guarantee a nimble and comfortable ride. For a more customized experience, the MUVI 125 4G also provides connected technology and configurable design elements. The scooter’s low maintenance costs and easily replaceable accessories also contribute to its long-term affordability. Soon, pre-booking will be available.



  1. What is the price of the Acer MUVI 125 4G?
    • The ex-showroom price of the MUVI 125 4G is Rs 99,999.
  2. Who manufactures the MUVI 125 4G?
    • Think eBikeGo, an Indian EV startup, designed and produced the scooter under license from Acer.
  3. Is the MUVI 125 4G eligible for government subsidies?
    • Yes, the scooter qualifies for both Central and State-level subsidies in India.
  4. Will Acer launch more electric vehicles in India?
    • Yes, Acer plans to introduce a variety of electric two- and three-wheelers, including e-bikes, e-trikes, and more.

Performance and Specs

  1. What is the top speed of the MUVI 125 4G?
    • The MUVI 125 4G has a claimed top speed of 75 kilometers per hour (kmph).
  2. What is the range of the MUVI 125 4G on a single charge?
    • The scooter boasts a claimed range of 80 kilometers on a single charge in ECO mode.
  3. Does the MUVI 125 4G have swappable batteries?
    • Yes, the scooter comes with dual removable 48V Lithium-ion batteries for convenient charging.
  4. What type of motor does the MUVI 125 4G have?
    • The technical specifications haven’t been fully revealed, but it features a Bosch 48V electric motor.


  1. What are the dimensions of the MUVI 125 4G?
    • Specific dimensions haven’t been officially disclosed yet.
  2. Does the MUVI 125 4G have any smart features?
    • Information regarding any connected technology features is yet to be revealed.
  3. What kind of brakes does the MUVI 125 4G have?
    • The scooter is equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels.

Availability and Booking

  1. When can I pre-book the MUVI 125 4G?
    • The official announcement regarding pre-booking hasn’t been revealed yet.
  2. Where can I pre-book the MUVI 125 4G?
    • Stay tuned for official updates from Acer or Think eBikeGo regarding pre-booking details.
  3. In which cities will the MUVI 125 4G be available?
    • Information about the initial availability in specific cities is yet to be announced.


  1. How does the MUVI 125 4G compare to other popular electric scooters in India?
    • The article mentions the Ather 450x Gen3 as a competitor. A direct comparison requires detailed spec sheet comparisons once available.

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