How To Secure Your 0001 Fancy Number Plates

Fancy Number Plate

Fancy Number Plates: Cars are not just a means of transportation; they are also status and achievement symbols.Your car exudes pride and dedication in abundance, thanks to its striking license plate. If you have your eye on a chic VIP number for your prized vehicle, you must know how to obtain a fancy number plate.

Understanding Fancy Number Plates

Fancy Number Plate

Fancy Number Plate, which have special sequences and combinations and are frequently auctioned off, are assigned at random, whereas regular number plates are assigned at random. Covetable additions, these exclusive plates represent a deep bond between the owner and their car.

Steps to Secure Your Fancy Number Plates

The process of obtaining a fancy number plate has evolved and is now accessible online through a bidding system. Here’s a step-by-step guide for engaging in the bidding process in Delhi:

Step 1: Registration

Fancy Number Plate

The fancy number plate process starts by registering for the upcoming e-auction on the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. You will receive an SMS with a Unique Acknowledgment Number after registering. Each state has a different registration fee; in Delhi, it is Rs. 1000 and is available for three days after the auction starts.

Step 2: The Bidding

Fancy Number Plate

After registering, the three-day bidding period begins after 12 PM on Day 3 and ends at 5 PM on Day 5. In order to take part, you must pay the minimum reserve price using a Demand Draft (DD) that a nationalized bank issues in the right authority’s favor. The class and type of the number affect the reserve price. Users may place multiple bids of Rs. 10,000 (Stage 1 to 4) and Rs. 1,000 (Stage 5).

Step 3: Obtaining Allotment Letter

Fancy Number Plate

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When you win the bid and receive confirmation via SMS, go to the designated office within five working days to get the confirmation letter. This letter is required to register your vehicle at the dealership with the assigned number. The assigned number is valid for 90 days.

Pricing Insights

Reserve prices for fancy license plates vary. Here is a breakdown by category:

  • Stage 1: 0001–Rs. 5 lakh
  • Stage 2: 0002 to 0009—Rs. 3 lakh
  • Stage 3: 0010 to 0099, and specific combinations: –Rs. 2 lakh
  • Stage 4: Specific numeric combinations –Rs. 1 lakh
  • Stage 5: Customized series –Rs. 20,000

An online bidding process brings attention to your emotional connection to your most valuable asset by securing a fancy number plate for your car.


  1. Are fancy number plates legal in my area?
    • Answer: Legality varies significantly by location. It’s imperative to check with your local transport department or the Motor Vehicle Registration Authority (MVRA) to determine the regulations and application processes.

  2. What types of fancy number plates are available?
    • Answer: The availability of fancy plates depends on your region’s regulations. Some common options include:
      • Numbers with repeating digits (e.g., 1111, 5555)
      • Specific letter-number combinations (subject to restrictions)
      • Special series designated by the authorities

  3. How much does it cost to get a fancy number plate?
    • Answer: Costs vary considerably based on the plate’s desirability and the bidding process in your region. Expect a significant price increase compared to standard plates.

  4. Is there a guaranteed way to get a specific fancy number plate?
    • Answer: No, there’s usually no guarantee. In many cases, a bidding or auction system is employed, where the highest bidder wins.

  5. What happens if I lose the bidding process for a fancy number plate?
    • Answer: You won’t be able to obtain that particular plate through the auction. You might have the opportunity to participate in future auctions for the same or similar plates.

  6. Are there any restrictions on what I can display on a personalized plate?
    • Answer: Yes, strict limitations typically apply. Offensive language, symbols, or formats that could be mistaken for official plates are generally prohibited.

  7. What are the penalties for using an illegal or unauthorized personalized plate?
    • Answer: Penalties can range from fines to vehicle impoundment, depending on the severity of the offense and the regulations in your region.

  8. How can I verify if a fancy number plate is legal?
    • Answer: Contact your local transport department or the MVRA. They can provide guidance on the legality of a particular plate and the proper channels for obtaining a personalized plate.

  9. Are there any safety concerns associated with using a fancy number plate?
    • Answer: While not a direct safety issue, certain highly sought-after plates might attract unwanted attention. Consider this aspect before pursuing a specific plate.

  10. What are the alternative options for personalizing my car?
  • Answer: Explore legal and approved methods within your region, such as:
    • Adhering to decorative stickers or decals (as long as they don’t obscure the plate)
    • Choosing a vanity license plate that meets the established criteria

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