2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 & Pulsar NS200 Fully Unveiled

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

A Glimpse into the Future

Bajaj Auto has just unveiled the highly anticipated 2024 editions of the Pulsar NS160 and Pulsar NS200, unleashing a wave of excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the transformative upgrades that promise a thrilling ride into the future.

2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 & Pulsar NS200 Redesigned Headlamps

In a bold move, Bajaj has revamped the headlamp unit of both models for 2024. The striking V-shaped LED headlight cluster, now adorned with integrated LED Daytime Running Lights, is set to redefine visibility in the dark. This bold step enhances not only aesthetics but also safety on the road.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Digital Delight: A Glimpse at the Futuristic Console

Bid farewell to the old, and welcome the new! The 2024 editions boast a futuristic digital instrument console, a departure from the previous setup. Adding a tech-savvy touch, the LCD unit now supports Bluetooth connectivity. Embrace the convenience of incoming calls and SMS notifications, along with turn-by-turn navigation – all at your fingertips.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

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Unleashing the Beast: Power-packed Performance

The upgraded bikes retain their formidable powerhouses. The Pulsar NS160 continues to roar with its 160.03cc, single-cylinder engine, delivering a potent 17.03 BHP and 14.6 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the NS200 flexes its muscles with a 199.5cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine, churning out an impressive 24.13 BHP and 18.74 Nm of torque. Rest assured, both engines comply with E20 standards, aligning with the latest environmental norms.

A Strategic Upgrade for Dominance

Bajaj’s motive behind these upgrades is crystal clear – to solidify its position among the fierce competition. The 2024 Pulsar NS160 and NS200 aren’t just motorcycles; they represent a revolution on two wheels. Brace yourselves for a thrilling ride into the future, as Bajaj takes the lead in the ever-evolving world of motorcycles.


1. What are the key changes to the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and NS200?

Answer: Both bikes receive a revamped LED headlamp setup with integrated DRLs for improved visibility and aesthetics. Additionally, they boast a new digital instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity for calls, SMS, and turn-by-navigation.

2. What are the engine specifications of the 2024 Pulsar NS160 and NS200?

Answer: The NS160 retains its 160.3cc engine producing 17.03 BHP and 14.6 Nm, while the NS200 keeps its 199.5cc, liquid-cooled engine offering 24.13 BHP and 18.74 Nm. Both engines comply with E20 emission standards.

3. What is the expected price of the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and NS200?

Answer: While official prices haven’t been announced, they are expected to be slightly higher than the previous models, potentially around Rs. 3,000-4,000 more.

4. When will the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and NS200 be available for purchase?

Answer: The official launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but they are expected to hit dealerships soon based on recent reports.

5. How do the 2024 Pulsar NS models compare to their previous iterations?

Answer: The 2024 models offer significant upgrades in terms of lighting, instrument cluster, and connectivity features, while retaining their proven engine performance.

6. How do the 2024 Pulsar NS160 and NS200 fare against the competition?

Answer: With their updated features and E20 compliance, these bikes aim to remain competitive against rivals like TVS Apache, Yamaha FZ, and KTM in their respective segments.

7. What are the main benefits of the new LED headlamps on the 2024 Pulsar NS models?

Answer: The LEDs provide better illumination, improved visibility for both rider and other road users, and a more modern, stylish look.

8. What are the advantages of the digital instrument console with Bluetooth on the new Pulsars?

Answer: The digital display offers clearer and more information compared to the previous analog setup. Bluetooth connectivity allows for convenient access to calls, messages, and navigation on the go.

9. Are there any changes to the suspension or braking system of the 2024 Pulsar NS models?

Answer: Based on current information, the suspension and braking systems are expected to remain unchanged from the previous models.

10. Will the 2024 Pulsar NS160 and NS200 receive any further updates or variants in the future?

Answer: Bajaj hasn’t announced any future plans yet, but considering the evolving market, introducing new color options or limited editions is always a possibility.

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