Aprilia Tuono 457: A New Naked Bike in the Works?

Aprilia Tuono 457

Aprilia’s recent buzz at India Bike Week 2023 with the launch of the RS 457 has ignited curiosity about a possible sibling, the Tuono 457, although nothing’s been confirmed yet. To keep enthusiasts interested, Piaggio’s head of design, Marco Lambri, made hints about the concept.

Manufacturers often leverage successful platforms to expand their lineup. Aprilia has a history of doing this, evident in models like RSV4 and Tuono V4, RS 660, Tuono 660, and Tuareg 660, sharing platforms. While Lambri’s response of “Why not? Why not.” doesn’t confirm, but it definitely keeps the door open for the Tuono 457.

Tuono 457: Potential Features and Expectations

Aprilia Tuono 457

The RS 457’s launch price, Rs. 4.1 lakhs (ex-showroom), has turned heads, hinting at a possible more affordable Tuono 457 catering to a broader audience. Traditionally, Aprilia positions Tuono models as more accessible compared to their fully faired counterparts globally.

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If the Tuono 457 comes to life, expect it to offer distinct features compared to the RS, like a flatter handlebar and a sleeker body design. The 457cc parallel-twin engine might see minimal changes, delivering an estimated power output of around 50 HP. It’s likely to roll out alongside the RS 457 from Aprilia’s Baramati plant in India, possibly making it a strong contender in the sub-Rs. 4 lakh category.

While the Tuono 457’s development is still speculative, Lambri’s response and Aprilia’s history hint at a potential addition. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate if this becomes reality, offering a new option in the middleweight naked bike segment.



  1. Is the Aprilia Tuono 457 confirmed?
    • No, the Aprilia Tuono 457 is not officially confirmed yet. However, comments from Aprilia’s design head suggest it is a possibility.
  2. When will the Aprilia Tuono 457 be released?
    • There is no official release date for the Tuono 457 since it hasn’t been confirmed. But if it follows the RS 457, expect a late 2024 launch.
  3. What is the expected price of the Aprilia Tuono 457?
    • Given the RS 457’s pricing and Aprilia’s strategy, expect the Tuono 457 to be priced under Rs. 4 lakh (ex-showroom).

Features and Specs

  1. What engine will the Aprilia Tuono 457 use?
    • It will likely use the same 457cc parallel-twin engine as the RS 457, with an estimated power output around 50 HP.
  2. How will the Aprilia Tuono 457 differ from the RS 457?
    • The Tuono 457 is expected to have a more affordable price tag, flatter handlebars, and a sleeker design with minimal fairing.
  3. Where will the Aprilia Tuono 457 be manufactured?
    • Production is likely at Aprilia’s Baramati plant in India, similar to the RS 457.


  1. What bikes will the Aprilia Tuono 457 compete with?
    • It will compete in the sub-Rs. 4 lakh naked bike segment, potentially against rivals like KTM Duke 390 and Bajaj Dominar 400.
  2. How will the Aprilia Tuono 457 compare to the KTM Duke 390?
    • This depends on final specs, but the Tuono 457 might offer a more premium feel and Aprilia’s sporty heritage.


  1. Can I pre-order the Aprilia Tuono 457?
    • With no official confirmation, pre-orders are unavailable currently. Stay tuned for updates from Aprilia.
  2. Will the Aprilia Tuono 457 be available in my country?
    • Aprilia hasn’t revealed official markets for the Tuono 457. Look for announcements from Aprilia dealerships in your region.


  1. How powerful will the Aprilia Tuono 457 be?
    • Power output is estimated around 50 HP, similar to the RS 457, due to the likely shared engine.
  2. How will the Aprilia Tuono 457 handle?
    • With a potential focus on comfort and everyday riding compared to the RS 457, handling might be more relaxed.


  1. Is the Aprilia Tuono 457 a good beginner bike?
    • Specs are not final, but its naked design and potentially lower price could make it beginner-friendly. Consider researching for specific recommendations.
  2. Will there be different color options for the Aprilia Tuono 457?
    • Color options haven’t been revealed yet. Look out for future announcements from Aprilia.
  3. Where can I find more information about the Aprilia Tuono 457?
    • Keep an eye on Aprilia’s official website and social media for updates. Motorcycling news websites might also cover any official announcements.

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