Bajaj Auto Trademarked four Names – Glider, Marathon, Trekker & Freedom

Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto is gearing up for an exhilarating 2024 with the filing of trademarks for four exciting brand names in India. Let’s dive into the details of what these trademarks could mean for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Bajaj Marathon

Bajaj’s upcoming CNG motorcycle might be named the ‘Marathon,’ signifying its commuter-friendly design and impressive fuel efficiency. The trademark status, indicating ‘Accepted & Advertised,’ strongly suggests that Marathon could soon become a reality, offering riders a pocket-friendly and long-distance cruising experience.

Bajaj Marathon

Bajaj Glider and Freedom

Two additional trademarks, ‘Glider’ and ‘Freedom,’ hint at potential replacements for the current ‘Avenger’ series or exciting additions to Bajaj’s lineup. Anticipate these motorcycles to boast a robust 250 cc engine from the existing Pulsar 250 series, promising a thrilling ride for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Bajaj Auto’s Adventure Awaits: The Bajaj Trekker

Exploring new terrain, Bajaj might introduce the ‘Trekker’ as its adventure bike. With the potential to be based on the current 250 cc or 400 cc engines, this addition to the lineup could fill a gap in Bajaj’s portfolio, offering riders a taste of adventure in the booming Indian market.

Bajaj Trekker

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In conclusion, Bajaj Auto‘s trademark filings open the door to a range of exciting possibilities for motorcycle enthusiasts. Stay tuned for updates as the company gears up to unveil these potential game-changers in the coming months. Excitement is on the horizon for two-wheeler enthusiasts!



  1. What are the four names Bajaj trademarked?
    • Bajaj Marathon, Bajaj Glider, Bajaj Freedom, and Bajaj Trekker.
  2. Are these confirmed names for upcoming Bajaj motorcycles?
    • Three (Marathon, Glider, Trekker) have a high chance of being used based on their trademark status (“Accepted & Advertised”). Freedom’s status (“Marked For Exam”) is less certain.
  3. When can we expect to see these Bajaj motorcycles launched?
    • Bajaj hasn’t officially announced a launch date. Stay tuned for updates as the company reveals more information.
  4. Is Bajaj Marathon the confirmed name for the upcoming CNG motorcycle?
    • While not officially confirmed, it’s strongly suggested based on the trademark status and the name’s connection to fuel efficiency.
  5. What engine will power the Bajaj Marathon?
    • Specific details are unknown, but it likely won’t be a high-performance engine, prioritizing fuel economy for commuting.
  6. Are Bajaj Glider and Freedom replacements for the Avenger series?
    • It’s a possibility. These names might indicate new motorcycles in the 250cc segment, potentially replacing or complementing the Avenger lineup.
  7. What engine will the Bajaj Glider and Freedom use?
    • They might utilize the existing 250cc engine from the Pulsar series, offering a thrilling ride for enthusiasts.
  8. Is Bajaj Trekker an entirely new adventure bike category for Bajaj?
    • Yes, the Trekker name suggests Bajaj’s entry into the adventure bike segment, potentially catering to off-road enthusiasts.
  9. What engine capacity will the Bajaj Trekker have?
    • Bajaj might offer the Trekker in both 250cc and 400cc variants, appealing to a wider range of riders.

Excitement & Speculation

  1. Do these trademarks guarantee the launch of these motorcycles?
    • Trademarks don’t guarantee a launch, but they indicate Bajaj’s interest in these names and potential product categories.
  2. How will these Bajaj motorcycles impact the Indian two-wheeler market?
    • The new models could shake up the market, especially if the Trekker fills the gap for Bajaj in the adventure bike segment.
  3. Where can I find more updates about these upcoming Bajaj motorcycles?
    • Stay tuned to Motorlane and Bajaj Auto’s official channels for future announcements.

Beyond the Headlines

  1. Is Bajaj planning any electric motorcycles in the near future?
    • There’s no official confirmation, but Bajaj might be exploring electric options alongside these potential new models.
  2. How will these new Bajaj motorcycles compete with established brands like Royal Enfield?
    • The competition will be interesting, particularly if the Trekker targets a similar segment as Royal Enfield’s Himalayan.
  3. What other manufacturers are innovating in the Indian motorcycle market?
    • Several manufacturers are pushing boundaries. Keep an eye on brands like TVS, Hero MotoCorp, and KTM for exciting developments.

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