New Himalayan 452 launched at Rs. 2.69 lakh

Royal_Enfield Himalayan 452

Himalayan 452, the newest adventure motorcycle finally launched, after months of anticipation, by the Chennai-based bike manufacturing giant Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield revealed the price of the eagerly anticipated second-generation Himalayan at the MotoVerse 2023 event in Goa. In comparison to competitors such as the BMW G310 GS and KTM 390 Adventure X, the dual-purpose adventure tourer presents itself as a strong choice.

Royal_Enfield Himalayan 452

Himalayan 452: Design

Let’s talk about the design of the new Himalayan 452 first. According to senior brand representatives, there are no similarities between the Himalayan 411 and the Himalayan 452. The bike is constructed using a brand-new, lighter and stronger twin-spar tubular steel frame. It also features a larger and wider fuel tank that can holds 17 liters of fuel.  In addition to a larger seat the bike also features newly designed front and rear fenders.

Royal_Enfield Himalayan 452

The new Himalayan 452 adventure motorcycle has the following dimensions: it is 1316 mm tall, 2245 mm long, and 852 mm wide. Furthermore, it provides 230 mm of ground clearance and a 1510 mm wheelbase. The bike weighs approximately 181 kg when it is dry, and 196 kg when it is fully loaded with 90% fuel and all of the oils. It will be able to carry 198 kg of payload.

Features and Color

Coming to features, this new bike has a lot of technological features thanks to the efforts of the RE. The front circular headlight, front and rear turn indicators, and the rear taillamp of the new Himalayan 452 will all be LED-equipped. The new 4-inch circular TFT display on this bike, which has media controls, phone connectivity, and full map navigation, will also be one of its primary features. The bike will also have a USB Type-C charging port and several ride modes.

Royal_Enfield Himalayan 452

Regarding appearance, RE will provide five color options for the new Himalayan 452. The colors are Hanle Black with vibrant gold accents, Camp Kamet White, Slate Himalayan Salt, Slate Poppy Blue, and lastly, it will also come in Kaza Brown color, which is a sandstorm shade of color.

Suspension and Braking

On the new Himalayan 452, an upside-down fork suspension at the front will take care of suspension tasks. It will also have a monoshock suspension on the back. The rear wheel will also have 200 mm of travel, in addition to the front wheel’s remarkable 200 mm of travel.

Royal_Enfield Himalayan 452

Regarding the braking system, the motorcycle will have 320 mm hydraulic disc brakes up front and a 270 mm disc brake caliper at the back. Moreover, the bike will have dual-channel switchable ABS. A 21-inch spoked wheel at the front of the bike. And at the rear it will have a 17-inch spoked wheel. The fact that it will have tubeless spoked wheels is one of the primary features.

Engine Specifications

The brand-new engine of the Himalayan 452 adventure motorcycle is its main highlight. The newly developed engine is the first liquid-cooled engine on a motorcycle made by Royal Enfield, and it is known as the Sherpa 452. It has a DOHC, 4-valve, 452cc single-cylinder engine. This semi-dry sump engine’s power specs state that it will deliver about 40 horsepower and 40 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. The 6-speed wet clutch on the new engine will also provide slip and assistance. Moreover, ride-by-wire will be available on the new Himalayan 452.

Royal_Enfield Himalayan 452

Himalayan 452 Price

Royal_Enfield Himalayan 452

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The price of the new Himalayan 452 adventure motorcycle starts at Rs 2.69 lakh and goes up to Rs 2.84 lakh. The pricing will remain in effect until December 31, 2023, at midnight, according to the company’s announcement. The price of the base model, which is colored Kaza Brown, is Rs 2.69 lakh. At a price of Rs 2.74 lakh, the Pass variant will be available in two colors: Slate Himalayan Salt and Slate Poppy Blue. The cost of the Summit variant in Kamet White is Rs 2.79 lakh. The Summit variant in Hanle Black color, is priced at Rs 2.84 lakh.


Engine and Performance:

  1. Q: What is the biggest upgrade on the Himalayan 452?
    • A: The new liquid-cooled Sherpa 452 engine, a first for Royal Enfield motorcycles.
  2. Q: How powerful is the Himalayan 452?
    • A: It produces around 40 horsepower and 40 Nm of torque.
  3. Q: How does the performance compare to rivals like the BMW G310 GS?
    • A: While horsepower figures are similar, the Himalayan 452 might offer better low-end torque.
  4. Q: Will the new engine be more fuel-efficient?
    • A: Royal Enfield hasn’t released official figures, but liquid-cooling suggests potential improvement.

Features and Technology:

  1. Q: Does the Himalayan 452 finally get a modern instrument cluster?
    • A: Yes, it features a new 4-inch TFT display with navigation and phone connectivity.
  2. Q: What are the ride modes offered on the Himalayan 452?
    • A: Specific details haven’t been revealed, but multiple ride modes are expected.
  3. Q: Does the Himalayan 452 come with any rider assistance features?
    • A: Yes, it will have switchable dual-channel ABS.
  4. Q: Are there any smartphone connectivity features?
    • A: Yes, the TFT display allows phone connectivity and media controls.

Price and Availability:

  1. Q: What is the starting price of the Himalayan 452?
    • A: The price starts at Rs 2.69 lakh and goes up to Rs 2.84 lakh.
  2. Q: Are there any introductory offers or discounts?
    • A: No official announcements regarding discounts have been made.
  3. Q: When will the Himalayan 452 be available for purchase?
    • A: The initial launch window was until December 31, 2023. Check with dealerships for current availability.

Design and Usability:

  1. Q: How much lighter is the new frame compared to the previous Himalayan?
    • A: Royal Enfield hasn’t revealed the exact weight difference.
  2. Q: How much has the fuel tank capacity increased?
    • A: The new tank holds 17 liters, 2 liters more than the Himalayan 411.
  3. Q: Is the seat height adjustable on the new Himalayan?
    • A: No information on seat height adjustability has been confirmed.
  4. Q: What are the different color options available?
    • A: The Himalayan 452 comes in five colors: Hanle Black, Camp Kamet White, Slate Himalayan Salt, Slate Poppy Blue, and Kaza Brown.

Additional Potential High-Interest Areas:

  1. Q: How does the Himalayan 452 handle off-road conditions?
    • A: Reviews and test rides will shed light on the bike’s off-road capabilities.
  2. Q: What are the maintenance intervals for the new engine?
    • A: Refer to the owner’s manual or consult authorized Royal Enfield service centers.
  3. Q: Are there any aftermarket accessories available for the Himalayan 452?
    • A: Aftermarket options might take time to develop, but Royal Enfield might offer genuine accessories.
  4. Q: How does the Himalayan 452 compare to other adventure motorcycles in its price range?
    • A: Consider factors like power, features, off-road capability, and brand reputation when comparing.
  5. Q: Is the Himalayan 452 a good choice for first-time adventure motorcycle riders?
    • A: Its manageable weight, potential for lower power delivery, and focus on usability suggest it could be suitable for beginners.

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