Shotgun 650 Launched, Royal Enfield Surprised everyone at Motoverse 2023

Shotgun 650

Shotgun 650 came up as a surprise for many motor enthusiasts, when Chennai-based Royal Enfield, a motorcycle manufacturer, held a grand reveal and launch event for this newest model. At the highly anticipated Motoverse 2023 event in Vagator, Goa—also known as Rider Mania—the company revealed the motorcycle under wraps. Only 25 of these limited-edition, bobber-styled motorcycles will be available in the first phase of sales, making it the brand’s most distinctive and scarce offering in India. The company has declared that the Motoverse event attendees will have the opportunity to win these 25 bikes through a lucky draw.

Shotgun 650 Design

Shotgun 650

Design-wise, the all-new Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 has a long, low-slung profile and classic bobber styling. A striking naked round headlamp with an offset console highlights the design. It also has a single seat, a chunky, chopped rear fender, and bar-end mirrors. This new motorcycle from the company has all-black hardware, which gives it a unique appearance. A bold paint job that blends blue and black tones with edgy graphics will look fantastic.

Features and Specifications

The new Shotgun 650 has a full LED lighting system and a semi-digital console with a useful Tripper navigation module, among other features. Regarding the powerplant, it will be equipped with the same 649cc gasoline engine found on the Super Meteor 650. The same parallel twin-cylinder, air- and oil-cooled engine powers the Shotgun 650, producing a respectable 52 Nm of torque in addition to a maximum power of 47 bhp. A smooth six-speed gearbox will be mated to this potent engine.

Shotgun 650

Pricing and Availability

Shotgun 650

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At Rs. 4.15 lakh, the Limited Edition Shotgun 650 bobber is the most expensive Royal Enfield motorcycle available in India. The Super Meteor 650 currently has a starting price of 3.54 lakh rupees (ex-showroom, Mumbai). As previously stated, the Shotgun 650 is currently available in just 25 units from the company, all of which will be sold to Motoverse 2023 attendees. The bike will be available for purchase at the event for those who win the lucky draw that the company will be holding.



  1. What is the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?
    • A limited-edition (25 units) bobber-style motorcycle launched at Motoverse 2023.
  2. Is the Shotgun 650 a completely new model?
    • No, it shares the engine platform with the Super Meteor 650.
  3. What is the price of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?
    • Rs. 4.15 lakh (ex-showroom), making it the most expensive Royal Enfield in India.


  1. How can I buy a Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?
    • Currently, only attendees of Motoverse 2023 are eligible to win one through a lucky draw.
  2. Will the Shotgun 650 be available for purchase in the future?
    • Royal Enfield hasn’t confirmed future availability beyond the limited Motoverse batch.

Design & Features

  1. What makes the Shotgun 650 different from the Super Meteor 650?
    • The Shotgun 650 focuses on a bobber style with a single seat, chopped fender, and unique design elements.
  2. What are the key design features of the Shotgun 650?
    • Long, low-slung profile, round headlamp, single-seat, chunky rear fender, bar-end mirrors, all-black hardware.
  3. Does the Shotgun 650 have any modern features?
    • Yes, it comes with a full LED lighting system and a semi-digital console with Tripper navigation.

Engine & Performance

  1. What engine does the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 use?
    • The same 648cc, parallel-twin, air-oil cooled engine as the Super Meteor 650.
  2. How much power and torque does the Shotgun 650 produce?
    • 47 bhp maximum power and 52 Nm of torque.
  3. What kind of gearbox does the Shotgun 650 have?
    • A 6-speed gearbox is mated to the engine.

Comparison & Competition

  1. How does the Shotgun 650 compare to other Royal Enfield models?
    • It’s the most expensive and boasts a unique bobber design compared to their classic offerings.
  2. Are there any similar bobber-style motorcycles in the same price range?
    • Potential competitors include Triumph Street Twin or Jawa Perak, though prices may vary.

Additional Questions

  1. Will Royal Enfield release more information about the Shotgun 650 in the future?
    • Yes, staying updated on Royal Enfield’s official channels is recommended.
  2. Can I customize the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?
    • Information on official customization options is limited, but aftermarket parts might be available.
  3. What is the fuel efficiency of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?
    • Official figures are not yet available, but estimates suggest similar mileage to the Super Meteor 650 (around 25 km/l).
  4. When will the winners of the Shotgun 650 be announced?
    • This information should be available through the Motoverse 2023 event organizers.
  5. Is there a waiting list for the Shotgun 650?
    • With the limited availability through a lucky draw, there is no official waiting list.
  6. Will Royal Enfield export the Shotgun 650 to other countries?
    • Royal Enfield hasn’t confirmed any international availability yet.
  7. What are the servicing costs for the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?
    • Specific costs are unknown, but servicing is likely similar to other Royal Enfield 650cc models.

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