BNCAP Crash Test Ratings: Perfect 5-Star Ratings for Tata Harrier and Safari


Breaking News: Harrier and Safari Top the BNCAP Crash Test


In a groundbreaking development, the Tata Harrier and Safari facelift have aced the very first test conducted by India’s Safety Crash Test Agency, Bharat NCAP, securing a flawless five-star rating. Notably, both the new Harrier and the Safari had previously attained a prestigious 5-star rating from the Global NCAP, a safety crash test agency based in Germany.

Impressive Safety Scores for Harrier and Safari


Both vehicles have excelled in adult occupant protection (AOP) and child occupant protection (COP), scoring 30.08 out of 32 points for AOP and an impressive 44.54 out of 49 for COP. These results closely mirror their outstanding performance in the GNCAP tests.



While the testing parameters between Bharat NCAP and Global NCAP appear largely similar, a key observation is Bharat NCAP’s maximum point score of 32 for AOP, whereas Global NCAP sets this at 34.

Appreciation from Union Minister Nitin Gadkari


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari extended his congratulations to Tata Motors, sharing a video where he personally presents the certification to Shailesh Chandra, MD of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. Hailed as a historic step toward improving consumer safety, Gadkari acknowledged BNCAP as India’s vehicle safety advocate, setting the bar for the rest of the world.

Gadkari commented on social media, “Congratulations to Tata Motors for the historic achievement! Presenting the first-ever Bharat – NCAP 5-star rating certification to the new Safari and Harrier is a momentous stride in enhancing consumer safety. BNCAP stands as India’s independent advocate for vehicle safety, setting benchmarks for global standards. A commendable feat that resonates with the commitment to excellence and the well-being of the Indian consumer.”

Future of BNCAP Testing


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Bharat NCAP is set to evaluate numerous other popularly sold cars in India, with their ratings slated for release in the near future. Which car’s crash test rating are you eagerly awaiting?



  1. What is BNCAP? 
    (Answer: BNCAP stands for Bharat New Car Assessment Programme, India’s independent safety rating program for new cars.)
  2. What does a 5-star BNCAP rating mean? 
    (Answer: It signifies the highest level of safety for both adult and child occupants in a crash test conducted by BNCAP.)
  3. How is BNCAP different from Global NCAP? 
    (Answer: While similar in testing procedures, BNCAP has a slightly different point system, particularly for Adult Occupant Protection.)
  4. Which other cars are getting tested by BNCAP? 
    (Answer: The article mentions BNCAP will evaluate many popular cars in India, with results coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!)

About the Tata Harrier and Safari

  1. Did the Harrier and Safari get a 5-star rating in both BNCAP and Global NCAP? 
    (Answer: Yes, both SUVs achieved the highest safety rating in both programs.)
  2. What were the scores for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) and Child Occupant Protection (COP) in BNCAP? 
    (Answer: AOP: 30.08 out of 32 points, COP: 44.54 out of 49 points.)
  3. Are the Harrier and Safari safe SUVs to buy? 
    (Answer: Based on their top BNCAP and GNCAP ratings, they are considered highly safe vehicles.)

BNCAP and Car Safety in India

  1. How important is BNCAP for Indian car buyers? 
    (Answer: BNCAP provides crucial safety information for consumers, encouraging manufacturers to prioritize safety features.)
  2. Will BNCAP ratings affect car prices in India? 
    (Answer: The impact on pricing is yet to be seen, but increased safety awareness might incentivize manufacturers to offer better safety features as standard.)
  3. Is BNCAP mandatory for all cars sold in India? 
    (Answer: Currently, BNCAP is not mandatory, but it’s expected to play a bigger role in car safety regulations in the future.)

Future of Car Safety

  1. What are some advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) mentioned in the article? 
    (Answer: The article mentions a separate resource on ADAS, highlighting their potential to further enhance road safety in India.)
  2. How can BNCAP ratings influence car safety technology in India?
    (Answer: By rewarding cars with strong safety features, BNCAP can encourage manufacturers to adopt and develop advanced safety technologies.)
  3. What are some upcoming trends in car safety technology? 
    (Answer: Explore trends like autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, and improved pedestrian detection systems.)

Additional Audience Engagement

  1. What factors do you consider most important when buying a new car? 
    (Answer: This prompts readers to reflect on their priorities and how safety might rank.)
  2. Which car manufacturers are known for prioritizing safety? 
    (Answer: This opens a discussion about brands and encourages further research.)

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