Honda City & Honda Elevate Get 6 Airbags Standard with Feature-Packed Upgrades

Honda City

Honda Cars India has recently announced a wave of improvements to its popular lineup, including the City, Elevate, Amaze, and City e:HEV. These enhancements focus on bolstering safety features and incorporating additional amenities, ultimately providing drivers and passengers with a more secure and comfortable driving experience.

Enhanced Safety Takes Center Stage

The most significant upgrade across the City and Elevate models is the inclusion of six airbags as standard equipment on all trims. This crucial safety technology provides additional protection for occupants in the event of a collision. Additionally, all five seating positions on both vehicles now benefit from 3-point emergency locking retractor (ELR) seat belts and seat belt reminders. These features work in tandem to ensure proper seat belt usage for optimal safety.

Honda Elevate

For the Elevate, Honda has introduced adjustable head restraints for all passengers, further enhancing overall comfort and safety during long journeys. Driver and co-driver seats are now equipped with vanity mirrors, providing a touch of convenience. The instrument cluster receives a modern makeover with a digi-analogue display featuring a prominent 7-inch TFT screen. This advanced display offers clear and concise information about vehicle operation.

Honda City Receives Tech and Comfort Upgrades

The City also boasts its share of improvements. The base SV variant gets an upgrade to a new 4.2-inch TFT display within the instrument cluster, enhancing functionality and driver visibility. Music lovers will appreciate the addition of an 8-speaker premium sound system on the top-of-the-line VX trim. Passengers in the rear can now enjoy additional comfort with the inclusion of a rear sunshade.

Price Adjustments Reflect Enhanced Value

It’s important to note that these upgrades come with a slight increase in price for both the City and Elevate models. The Honda Elevate’s revised price range falls between Rs. 11.91-16.43 lakhs (ex-showroom). The Honda City now starts at Rs. 12.08 lakhs and reaches Rs. 16.35 lakhs (ex-showroom) for the top-of-the-line variant.

Safety Focus Expands Across the Honda Lineup

Honda’s commitment to safety extends beyond the City and Elevate. The Amaze and City e:HEV models have also received safety feature enhancements. Both vehicles now feature seat belt reminders for all five seats as standard equipment. The Amaze lineup sees the discontinuation of the entry-level E variant, streamlining the model selection process for potential buyers.

Powertrains Remain Unchanged

There are no mechanical changes to the vehicles with this update. The Honda City and Elevate retain their respective powertrains, ensuring familiar driving dynamics. The Amaze continues to be powered by the proven and efficient 1.2-litre petrol engine.

Honda City

A Compelling Commitment to Safety

Honda’s decision to prioritize safety with these upgrades is a welcome development for Indian car buyers. The inclusion of six airbags as standard equipment across multiple models represents a significant leap forward in occupant protection. Additional features like seat belt reminders and adjustable head restraints further contribute to a safer driving environment. While a price increase accompanies these enhancements, the added value proposition for safety-conscious consumers is undeniable.

Beyond the Press Release: Exploring the Real-World Impact

Six Airbags Now Standard: A Game Changer?

The inclusion of six airbags as standard equipment on the City and Elevate signifies a significant improvement in safety standards. Airbags deploy rapidly during a collision, providing crucial cushioning and protection for occupants. This technology can be particularly effective in mitigating injuries to the head, chest, and abdomen. By making six airbags standard across all trims, Honda is demonstrably prioritizing the safety of its customers.

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Beyond Airbags: Exploring Additional Safety Features

While six airbags represent a major safety advancement, Honda‘s upgrade package incorporates additional features that contribute to a more secure driving experience. Three-point ELR seat belts ensure occupants are properly restrained in the event of a collision. Seat belt reminders serve as an additional safeguard, prompting drivers and passengers to buckle up before the vehicle is set in motion. Adjustable head restraints provide crucial support for the neck and spine, potentially minimizing whiplash injuries during a rear-end collision.

Balancing Safety with Value: Are the Price Increases Justified?

The price increase associated with the upgraded features requires careful consideration. While the exact cost increment may vary depending on the chosen model and trim level, the enhanced safety features provide undeniable value. The potential to mitigate injuries and save lives during a collision is a significant benefit that transcends the initial cost increase. Ultimately, the decision of whether the price hikes are justified depends on individual priorities and risk tolerance. For safety-conscious car buyers, the inclusion of six airbags and other safety features may be a compelling reason

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