Mitsuoka M55, The Dodge Challenger Replica To Hit The Production Line In 2025

Mitsuoka M55

Mitsuoka M55: A Honda Civic Redefined as a Limited-Edition Dodge Challenger Lookalike

Mitsuoka, the renowned Japanese coach-builder, is set to redefine automotive norms with its groundbreaking M55 Concept. Anticipated to hit the production line in late 2025, this limited-edition gem, based on the 11th generation Honda Civic, undergoes a captivating transformation into a Dodge Challenger replica, boasting a unique five-door fastback design.

Mitsuoka M55

A Nostalgic Fusion: The M55 Concept’s Retro Charm Meets Modern Flair

Unveiled in November 2023, the Mitsuoka M55 Concept seamlessly marries ’70s nostalgic vibes with contemporary design, turning heads at auto shows and exhibitions. This unconventional model cleverly conceals its Honda Civic origins beneath an extensively redesigned exterior. Picture a front end reminiscent of the Dodge Challenger, complete with quad-round headlamps set within an end-to-end front grille. The fastback tail, inspired by the Ford Mustang, adds the finishing touch, creating a distinctive blend of vintage and modern aesthetics.

Minimalist Beauty Inside: Mitsuoka M55’s Interior Harmony

Internally, Mitsuoka maintains the essence of the original Honda Civic, keeping modifications to a minimum. The minimalist dashboard remains, complemented by retro-themed upholstery and subtle Mitsuoka badging. This thoughtful approach underscores the company’s commitment to preserving the authentic spirit of the Honda model.

From Concept to Reality: Overwhelming Demand Drives M55 into Production

Originally introduced as a celebratory creation for Mitsuoka’s 55th anniversary, the M55 Concept exceeded expectations, garnering over 1,300 applications from enthusiasts and potential buyers. This overwhelming response propels the M55 from a one-off concept to a production reality, scheduled for release in late 2025. However, the handmade production capacity poses challenges in meeting the fervent demand, adding an air of anticipation to this unique transformation.

Exclusivity and Quirkiness: Mitsuoka M55’s Distinctive Features

The M55’s exclusivity is heightened by its availability as a right-hand drive model, exclusively offered in Japan. Crafted with an imaginative design, custom headlights, taillights, and rear window louvres draw inspiration from iconic ’70s Japanese coupes and the legendary Ford Mustang Mach 1. As the M55 evolves from concept to production, it promises to be a distinctive and unconventional addition to any automotive enthusiast’s garage.

In conclusion, the Mitsuoka M55 stands as a testament to innovation, blending nostalgia with modernity. With its limited-edition status and captivating design, this Dodge Challenger-inspired gem is poised to make waves in the automotive world come 2025.

Mitsuoka M55

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General Information:

  1. What is the Mitsuoka M55?
    • The M55 is a limited-edition car by Japanese coachbuilder Mitsuoka, based on the Honda Civic but with a complete exterior overhaul resembling a Dodge Challenger.
  2. Is the M55 a real car?
    • Yes, initially a concept, the M55 is confirmed for production in late 2025 due to high demand.
  3. Why did Mitsuoka create the M55?
    • It was designed to celebrate Mitsuoka’s 55th anniversary and showcase their unique car modification expertise.

Design and Performance:

  1. What engine does the M55 have?
    • The M55 retains the Honda Civic’s 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 180 horsepower.
  2. Is the M55 faster than the Challenger?
    • No, the M55 keeps the Civic’s engine, offering a different driving experience than the muscle car.
  3. What are the interior features of the M55?
    • The interior largely resembles the Honda Civic with minimal modifications like retro-themed upholstery.
  4. Does the M55 look exactly like a Challenger?
    • While heavily inspired, the design combines elements of the Challenger with a five-door fastback silhouette and a Mustang-like rear.

Production and Availability:

  1. How much will the M55 cost?
    • The official price hasn’t been announced, but expect it to be significantly higher than the standard Honda Civic.
  2. Where will the M55 be sold?
    • Production will be limited and exclusive to the Japanese market, offered only in right-hand drive.
  3. Can I pre-order the M55?
    • Official information about pre-orders is not available yet.
  4. How many M55 cars will be produced?
    • Mitsuoka hasn’t confirmed the production quota, but high demand suggests a limited number.


  1. Is the Mitsuoka M55 street legal?
    • Yes, as it’s built upon a street-legal platform (Honda Civic) and goes through necessary modifications for legal road use.
  2. Is the M55 a good investment?
    • Due to its limited nature, the M55 might hold its value well, but it’s primarily a car for enthusiasts, not solely an investment.
  3. Are there any similar cars to the Mitsuoka M55?
    • Mitsuoka is known for unique car modifications. Other creations like the Buddy (based on Toyota RAV4) showcase their distinctive style.
  4. What are people saying about the Mitsuoka M55?
    • Opinions are divided. Some love the unique blend of nostalgia and modern design, while others find it quirky or even odd-looking.

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