TVS XL EV & E-XL names trademarked


In an exciting move, TVS has recently filed trademark applications for TVS XL EV and E-XL, signaling a shift towards electric mobility. These trademarks are destined for a groundbreaking all-electric XL model, a venture that first captured attention in July of the previous year with the emergence of a patent image showcasing the electric moped. TVS is now officially confirmed to be in the works, bringing a battery-powered version of the XL into the limelight.


TVS XL Ev’s Distinctive Design Unveiled

Visual Transformation

A leaked patent image sheds light on the TVS XL Electric’s design, retaining the essence of its conventional counterpart while incorporating subtle yet impactful visual updates. The electric XL shares the same structural foundation, featuring a central spine tubular chassis, a round headlight, fork gaiters, split seats, a tubular grab rail, and minimal body panels.


Hardware Resemblance

The hardware closely resembles the petrol-powered XL, equipped with telescopic front forks, dual rear shock absorbers, front and rear drum brakes, and wire-spoke wheels. Unlike its fossil-fuel predecessor, the XL electric distinguishes itself with the absence of a fuel tank in the front frame. Noteworthy is the strategic placement of the battery beneath the central tunnel, delivering energy to a hub motor via a belt drive system. A significant departure from the traditional XL 100 is the exclusion of pedals, redefining the XL Electric’s identity.

Anticipating XL Electric’s Specifications and Pricing

Despite the silence surrounding the TVS XL ev’s powertrain, predictions based on the patent image suggest a swingarm-mounted motor linked to the wheel through a belt drive. While exact pricing remains undisclosed, expectations align with a price range similar to the Kinetic eLuna, falling between Rs 65,000 – Rs 75,000 (ex-showroom).


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TVS XL’s Current Lineup and Engine Dynamics

The petrol-powered XL 100 is currently available in five configurations: Comfort, Heavy Duty, Comfort i-Touch, Heavy Duty i-Touch, and Win Edition. All these variants are fueled by a 99.7cc, single-cylinder engine generating 4.3 bhp and 6.5 Nm of peak torque. Weighing 86 kg with a robust payload capacity of 130 kg, the XL series continues to carve its niche in the market.

In essence, TVS’s foray into the electric arena with the XL EV promises not only an eco-friendly commute but also a redefined experience on two wheels. Stay tuned as the electric revolution gains momentum, and TVS takes the lead in transforming the way we navigate our daily journeys.



  1. What is the expected launch date of the TVS XL Ev scooter?
    • There is no official confirmation on the launch date yet.
  2. Will the TVS XL EV look identical to the petrol model?
    • The design will retain the classic elements but will have subtle modernizations.
  3. Where will the battery be placed on the TVS XL EV?
    • The leaked patent suggests the battery will be positioned under the central tunnel.
  4. What is the anticipated price range for the TVS XL EV?
    • The expected pricing is around Rs 65,000 – Rs 75,000 (ex-showroom), similar to the Kinetic eLuna.
  5. Will the TVS XL electric have a kickstarter?
    • No, the electric version will not have a kickstarter due to the absence of a combustion engine.


  1. What kind of motor will the TVS XL EV use?
    • Based on the patent image, it is likely to have a swingarm-mounted motor with a belt drive system.
  2. What is the expected range of the TVS XL EV on a single charge?
    • Information regarding the battery capacity and range is not available yet.
  3. Will the TVS XL EV have different driving modes?
    • Details about driving modes haven’t been revealed yet.
  4. What is the expected top speed of the TVS XL EV?
    • Specific information on the top speed is unavailable at this time.


  1. How will the TVS XL EV compare to the petrol-powered XL 100 in terms of performance?
    • The electric variant will likely offer smoother acceleration and potentially lower maintenance costs.
  2. How will the cargo capacity of the TVS XL EV differ from the petrol model?
    • The cargo capacity is expected to be similar to the current XL lineup.


  1. In which cities will the TVS XL EV be available initially?
    • Details regarding the initial launch locations are yet to be announced.
  2. Can I pre-book the TVS XL EV scooter?
    • There is no information on pre-booking options available yet.


  1. Will the TVS XL EV come with a warranty?
    • Warranty details are likely to be revealed closer to the launch date.
  2. Where can I find more information about the TVS XL EV?
    • You can stay updated by following news from TVS Motors and automotive websites.

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