New Force Gurkha 5-Door Spied: A Sneak Peek at the Awaited Off-Roader

Force Gurkha 5-Door

A Glimpse at the Force Gurkha 5-Door’s Impending Debut

In the realm of eagerly anticipated SUVs, the Force Gurkha 5-door has become a frequent visitor in spy shots. With sightings dating back to the beginning of 2022, the latest images suggest it’s on the brink of a grand entrance.

Force Gurkha 5-Door

What’s Captured in the Spy Shots?

In the most recent set of clandestine images, the off-roader reveals its Force Citiline headlights and stylish 18-inch dual-tone alloy wheels. The production version is expected to sport circular projector headlights with LED DRLs, maintaining the iconic tailgate-mounted spare wheel and snorkel from its 3-door counterpart.

A noticeable transformation unfolds when examining the profile, showcasing an elongated wheelbase and the addition of two extra doors.

Exploring the Interior – What We Know So Far

While the interior remains elusive in the current spy shots, earlier glimpses hint at a sophisticated dark grey theme. The 5-door Gurkha is likely to feature a 3-row layout, accommodating bench and captain seats in the second and third rows, respectively.

A significant revelation from past images indicates a departure from the 3-door model’s manual 4WD engagement lever, with the 5-door opting for an electronic shift-on-the-fly controller on the centre console.

Force Gurkha 5-Door

Features and Safety – What to Expect

Despite its expanded dimensions, the Force Gurkha 5-door is expected to retain its utilitarian charm. Anticipate a 7-inch touchscreen system, front and rear power windows, and manual AC with multiple vents. Safety-wise, dual airbags, a reversing camera, and rear parking sensors are likely inclusions.

Powering the Gurkha 5-Door

Under the hood, expect the same robust 2.6-litre diesel engine (90 PS/250 Nm) as the 3-door model, possibly in an enhanced state. Paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox, it’ll boast a 4-wheel drivetrain with a low-range transfer case.

Force Gurkha 5-Door

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Price Projections and Market Competition

Look out for the Force Gurkha 5-door’s potential launch later this year, with an estimated starting price of Rs 16 lakh (ex-showroom). Positioned as a direct rival to the upcoming 5-door Mahindra Thar, it aims to offer a larger alternative to the Maruti Jimny.

In conclusion, the Force Gurkha 5-door promises an exciting addition to the SUV landscape, combining rugged capability with modern features. Stay tuned for further updates on this off-roading marvel!


  1. When will the Force Gurkha 5-Door launch?
    • The Force Gurkha 5-Door is expected to launch later in 2024.
  2. What is the expected price of the Force Gurkha 5-Door?
    • The estimated starting price of the Gurkha 5-Door is around Rs 16 lakh (ex-showroom).
  3. What engine will power the Force Gurkha 5-Door?
    • The 5-door Gurkha is likely to retain the 3-door’s 2.6-litre diesel engine, possibly with some improvements.
  4. Will the Force Gurkha 5-Door have a 4WD system?
    • Yes, the Gurkha 5-Door will come with a 4-wheel drive system and a low-range transfer case for off-road capability.
  5. How many doors will the Force Gurkha 5-Door have?
    • As the name suggests, the Gurkha 5-Door will have five doors, offering easier access to both rows of seats.
  6. What will be the seating configuration of the Force Gurkha 5-Door?
    • The Gurkha 5-Door is expected to have a 3-row layout with bench seats in the second row and captain seats in the third.
  7. What features will be available in the Force Gurkha 5-Door?
    • The Gurkha 5-Door may include features like a 7-inch touchscreen, power windows, manual AC, dual airbags, reversing camera, and rear parking sensors.
  8. How will the Force Gurkha 5-Door compare to the Mahindra Thar 5-Door?
    • Both SUVs will be direct competitors, but the Gurkha 5-Door might offer a larger cabin and potentially a more affordable starting price.
  9. How does the Force Gurkha 5-Door differ from the 3-door Gurkha?
    • The main difference is the addition of two rear doors and an extended wheelbase for improved passenger space. The 5-door may also feature an electronic 4WD shift system instead of a manual lever.
  10. Where can I find more information about the Force Gurkha 5-Door?
    • Stay tuned to Motorlane for further updates on the Force Gurkha 5-Door and other automotive news.

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