Hero Surge S32 revealed. The convertible electric scooter cum three-wheeler

Hero Surge S32

Hero Surge S32 can be converted into a 3-wheeler in 3 minutes.

Hero MotoCorp has raised the bar with the Hero Surge S32 convertible electric scooter idea, proving that electric scooter concepts can be interesting and futuristic. The scooter, created by Surge, a startup owned by Hero MotoCorp, was unveiled at Hero World 2024 and can be transformed into a three-wheeler.

Hero Surge S32

The Surge S32 convertible electric scooter is designed to be used for both business and personal purposes when needed. Hero Motorcorp believes there is a market for these vehicles, especially among small business owners. According to Hero, the scooter can be transformed into a three-wheeler in three minutes. It connects to an electric controller, which enables the user to operate the three-wheeler using the handlebar of the scooter. There are different battery packs and motors in the three-wheeler and the scooter.

Hero Surge S32

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Currently, it is just in concept form, the Surge S32 convertible electric scooter is not expected to hit the market anytime soon. But Hero is serious about launching the convertible e-scooter when demand demands it, as seen by the fact that Hero has already worked with the authorities to establish a new L2-5 category.


1. What is the Hero Surge S32?

The Hero Surge S32 is a concept electric vehicle that can be converted from a regular scooter to a three-wheeler in just 3 minutes.

2. Who manufactures the Hero Surge S32?

The Surge S32 is a concept by Surge, a startup owned by Hero MotoCorp.

3. What are the benefits of the Hero Surge S32?

The Surge S32 offers flexibility for both personal and business use, allowing users to switch between a scooter and a three-wheeler depending on their needs.

4. Can the Hero Surge S32 carry passengers in both forms?

Yes, the scooter form can carry a rider and a pillion passenger, while the three-wheeler form may have additional passenger capacity depending on the specific variant.

5. What is the range of the Hero Surge S32?

Official range figures haven’t been released as it’s a concept, but it will likely depend on the chosen configuration (scooter or three-wheeler) and driving conditions.

6. How fast is the Hero Surge S32?

The scooter form is expected to have a top speed of 60 km/h, while the three-wheeler form might have a slightly lower top speed due to its larger size.

7. Is the Hero Surge S32 available for purchase?

No, the Hero Surge S32 is currently just a concept.

8. When will the Hero Surge S32 be launched?

There is no confirmed launch date yet. However, Hero MotoCorp is working to establish a new vehicle category (L2-5) for such vehicles, indicating their intent to bring it to market eventually.

9. What are the different versions of the Hero Surge S32 (three-wheeler)?

There are three cargo carrier versions (LD, HD, FB) and one passenger carrier version (PV) for the three-wheeler configuration.

10. How much does the Surge S32 cost (estimated)?

Pricing information is unavailable as it’s not yet in production.

11. Does the Surge S32 require a special driver’s license?

Regulations for this new vehicle category are still under development, so specific license requirements are not yet confirmed.

12. Can the scooter and three-wheeler parts be used independently?

No, only one configuration (scooter or three-wheeler) can be used at a time.

13. How does the conversion between scooter and three-wheeler work?

The process involves manually detaching and attaching components with the help of a patented interchange mechanism. No special tools are required.

14. Can any Surge S32 scooter be combined with any Surge S32 three-wheeler?

No, each scooter and three-wheeler unit is designed to work as a pair.

15. Are there any safety concerns regarding the conversion process?

Hero MotoCorp emphasizes the importance of following proper instructions and safety protocols during the conversion process.

Bonus Question:

16. Where can I find more information about the Surge S32?

You can visit the official website of Surge Automobiles

Note: This information is based on publicly available details about the Hero Surge S32 concept. As it’s not yet in production, some details might change in the future.

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