Ola Electric Scooter Files Patent Design for New Entry-Level Electric Scooter

Ola Electric Scooter

New Ola electric scooter design patent leaks before launch

Ola Electric Scooters is anticipated to introduce a new single-seater electric scooter into the commercial market. Though the company’s S1 e-scooter lineup, which was aimed at the private consumer market, helped it gain popularity, this new model seems to prioritize practicality above looks and be more suited for commercial use.

The forthcoming Ola Electric Scooter has a simple, minimalistic appearance with covered panels beneath the seat and a short front apron. With the option for a pillion seat, it is expected to have a single-seat arrangement. The presence of a baggage rack beneath the saddle adds to its commercial appeal by implying a focus on utility for carrying things.

The scooter’s basic suspension probably consists of a wishbone-style front fork, twin rear shock absorbers, and drum brakes on both ends. The wheels are similar to those on the current S1 Air and S1 X versions, which could mean that they share parts. The scooter’s enhanced payload capacity and flat floorboard are expected to significantly improve its potential for commercial use.

The handlebar has a straightforward design with a small digital dash put right on it. Although there have been rumors of swappable batteries, Ola Electric Scooter has not yet offered an official statement on the matter.

Ola Electric Scooter

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Pricing-wise, it is expected that the new scooter with a commercial focus will be significantly less expensive than the S1 X range, which has a starting price of Rs. 89,999/-(ex-showroom). Because of its aggressive pricing policy, it can be a desirable choice for companies and delivery services looking for affordable electric mobility solutions.


  1. What is the name of the new Ola electric scooter?
    • The official name of the scooter has not been revealed yet, as it is still in the design patent stage.
  2. When will the new Ola electric scooter be launched?
    • Ola Electric hasn’t announced an official launch date for the new scooter.
  3. Is the new Ola electric scooter meant for personal or commercial use?
    • The design suggests the new scooter is targeted towards the commercial market, with features like a luggage rack and a focus on utility.

Design and Features

  1. What does the new Ola electric scooter look like?
    • Based on the leaked patent, the scooter has a minimalist design with a single seat (with an option for a pillion seat), a small front apron, and covered panels under the seat.
  2. Does the new Ola electric scooter have a digital display?
    • The leaked design shows a simple handlebar with a small digital dashboard mounted on it.
  3. Will the new Ola electric scooter have swappable batteries?
    • While rumors exist, Ola Electric hasn’t officially confirmed whether the new scooter will have swappable batteries.

Performance and Specifications

  1. What is the expected range of the new Ola electric scooter?
    • There is no official information about the range yet.
  2. What is the expected top speed of the new Ola electric scooter?
    • No official details about the top speed are available.
  3. What type of suspension system will the new Ola electric scooter have?
    • The design suggests a basic suspension system with a wishbone-style front fork and twin rear shock absorbers.
  4. What type of brakes will the new Ola electric scooter have?
    • The leaked design indicates drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels.

Price and Availability

  1. How much will the new Ola scooter cost?
    • Pricing is not confirmed, but it is expected to be significantly cheaper than the S1 X range, starting below Rs. 89,999 (ex-showroom).
  2. When can I pre-order the new Ola electric scooter?
    • Pre-order details haven’t been announced yet. Stay tuned to Ola Electric’s official channels for updates.
  3. Where will the new Ola scooter be available for purchase?
    • Availability details are yet to be revealed by Ola Electric.


  1. How will the new Ola scooter compare to other commercial electric scooters in the market?
    • It’s difficult to say definitively without official specs and pricing. However, the focus on affordability and utility suggests it could be a competitive option.
  2. What are some of the other popular commercial electric scooters in India?
    • Some competitors include the Hero Electric Flash and TVS iQube Electric.

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