Ather Halo Smart Helmet Series Launched, Starting At Rs. 4,999/-

Ather Halo

Gone are the days of struggling to hear music or answer calls over wind noise and traffic. Ather Energy, a leading name in electric scooters, has launched its revolutionary Ather Halo smart helmet series, bringing a wave of innovation to the world of two-wheeler safety and connectivity.

Designed from the Ground Up for Safety and Comfort

The Ather Halo isn’t just another helmet with bells and whistles. Ather built the Halo from the ground up, meticulously crafting the internal padding, shell, and other features to prioritize both safety and comfort. ISI and DOT-certified, the Halo offers peace of mind while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Ather Halo

Neatly integrated air vents ensure optimal airflow, keeping your head cool on hot rides. The innovative visor design ditches the traditional ratchet mechanism, allowing for smooth, precise positioning at any level you desire.

Immersive Audio Experience without Compromise

Music lovers, rejoice! The Ather Halo boasts a premium audio experience thanks to two strategically placed Harman Kardon speakers. Nestled behind the comfortable inner liners, these speakers deliver rich, clear sound without drowning out essential ambient noise like sirens or honking.

Seamless Connectivity with Your Smartphone and Ather Scooter

The Ather Halo seamlessly integrates with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to control music and answer calls directly from your scooter’s switchgear. No more fumbling with your phone while navigating traffic – the Halo puts control at your fingertips for a safer and more convenient riding experience.

Ather Halo

Smart Technology: Automatic Connection and Effortless Charging

The Halo goes beyond basic Bluetooth connectivity. Equipped with multiple integrated sensors, the helmet automatically connects to your smartphone the moment you put it on.

Wireless charging eliminates the hassle of tangled wires. The Halo boasts a week-long battery backup on a single charge (exact hour count to be revealed). You can even top up the battery on the go using the wireless charger integrated into the boot space of the new Ather Rizta scooter.

Introducing Ather Chitchat: Enhance Your Riding Experience Together

For those who enjoy riding with a pillion, the Ather Halo offers a groundbreaking new feature – Ather Chitchat. This innovative technology allows the rider and pillion, both presumably wearing their Halo helmets, to communicate clearly through the helmet’s built-in speakers and microphone.

Ather Chitchat eliminates the need to shout over road noise, ensuring a comfortable and clear conversation throughout your ride. Both rider and pillion can also enjoy listening to the same music together, creating a truly shared experience.

The Ather Halo: A Game-Changer for Scooter Riders

The Ather Halo smart helmet series is a significant leap forward in scooter safety, comfort, and connectivity. With its focus on top-tier audio, seamless smartphone integration, and innovative features like Ather Chitchat, the Halo elevates the riding experience for both solo riders and those who enjoy cruising with a pillion.

Ather Halo

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Available in Half-Face and Full-Face Variants

The Ather Halo caters to diverse preferences by offering both half-face and full-face variants. The half-face option prioritizes a lightweight, open feel, while the full-face version provides comprehensive facial protection. Both variants come equipped with all the smart features mentioned above.

Pricing and Availability

The Ather Halo series offers an attractive price point. The half-face variant starts at a budget-friendly Rs. 4,999, while the full-face variant comes in at Rs. 12,999. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, superior comfort, and safety features, the Ather Halo offers exceptional value for riders seeking to elevate their scooter experience.

Ather Halo

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The Future of Scooter Riding is Here

The Ather Halo smart helmet series represents a significant advancement in scooter technology. By prioritizing safety, comfort, and connectivity, the Halo series paves the way for a more enjoyable and convenient riding experience for scooter enthusiasts everywhere.

Looking to learn more? Visit the official Ather Energy website for detailed specifications and availability information. Join the scooter revolution and discover the future of riding with the Ather Halo smart helmet series.

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