Ather Rizta: A Sneak Peek Tease by Anubhav Singh Bassi

Ather Rizta

Ather Energy’s Game-Changing Electric Scooter Set to Debut in 2024

In a thrilling revelation, Anubhav Singh Bassi recently took to Instagram to unveil the highly anticipated Ather Rizta electric scooter. Covered in intriguing camouflage, this upcoming addition to the Ather family promises to redefine the electric scooter landscape in the Indian market. Let’s delve into the exclusive details surrounding this groundbreaking vehicle, set to make its grand entrance at the Ather Community Day Celebration in 2024.

The Camouflaged Tease: A Unique Partnership with Anubhav Singh Bassi

Ather Energy, the visionary behind the Rizta, strategically chose standup comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi to build excitement around their latest creation. Bassi’s Instagram post featured a sneak peek of the camouflaged Ather Rizta, generating waves of anticipation among enthusiasts. His playful caption, “Yeh hai mera naya #Rizta,” translates to “This is my new Rizta,” accompanied by a cheeky revelation: “Don’t tell anyone, I have already taken a test ride.” This partnership adds an element of entertainment to the unveiling, setting the stage for an electrifying debut.

The CEO’s Announcement: Tarun Mehta Unveils Ather Rizta

Prior to Bassi’s Instagram revelation, Ather Energy’s CEO, Tarun Mehta, had already generated buzz by announcing the electric scooter’s name through an official teaser. Mehta disclosed that the Ather Rizta is slated for a 2024 launch in India, with deliveries expected within six months of the official announcement. This strategic approach builds anticipation and ensures a swift transition from unveiling to market availability.

Unraveling the Ather Rizta: A Game-Changer in Design and Features

The Ather Rizta is poised to be Ather Energy’s largest electric scooter, surpassing previous models like the 450S, 450X, and 450 Apex. With a design tailored to appeal to a broader consumer base, it boasts increased seating space and a more expansive floorboard area. Positioned on a revolutionary new platform, the Rizta aims to set new standards in the electric scooter domain.

ACDC 24 Debut: Ather Rizta at the Ather Community Day Celebration 2024

Enthusiasts and industry insiders are eagerly awaiting the grand debut of the Ather Rizta at ACDC 24, the Ather Community Day Celebration in 2024. This event promises not only the first glimpse of the scooter but also a showcase of its advanced features. Anticipated to include a cutting-edge digital display with connectivity features, the Ather Rizta is primed to elevate the electric scooter experience.

Ather Rizta
Image Source- Instagram (Anubhav Singh Bassi)

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Ather Rizta vs. Competitors: TVS iQube in the Crosshairs

As the Ather Rizta gears up for its grand entrance, it’s poised to go head-to-head with Indian competitors like the TVS iQube. The battle of electric scooters in the Indian market is set to intensify, with Ather Energy strategically positioning the Rizta as a formidable contender.

In conclusion, the Ather Rizta is not merely an electric scooter; it’s a game-changer that blends innovation, design, and entertainment. The partnership with Anubhav Singh Bassi adds a touch of humor to the anticipation, while Ather Energy‘s strategic announcements ensure the Rizta remains at the forefront of consumer consciousness. As we eagerly await ACDC 24, the Ather Rizta is poised to revolutionize the electric scooter landscape, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


1. What is the launch date of the Ather Rizta?

The Ather Rizta is expected to launch in December 2024 in India, with deliveries starting within six months of the official announcement.

2. What is the estimated price of the Ather Rizta?

The official price hasn’t been revealed yet, but estimates suggest it will be around ₹1.30 lakh.

3. What are the key features of the Ather Rizta?

Ather Rizta is expected to be Ather’s largest scooter, offering increased seating space, a bigger floorboard, a revolutionary new platform, and an advanced digital display with connectivity features.

4. How will the Ather Rizta be different from other Ather scooters?

The Rizta is designed for a broader audience, offering more space and potentially a more affordable price point compared to previous models.

5. Who is Anubhav Singh Bassi, and why is he associated with the Ather Rizta?

Anubhav Singh Bassi is a popular stand-up comedian who partnered with Ather Energy to generate excitement for the Rizta launch through a social media sneak peek.

6. What are the competitors of the Ather Rizta?

The Ather Rizta will likely compete with other electric scooters in the Indian market, such as the TVS iQube and the Ola S1 Pro.

7. Where will the Ather Rizta be unveiled?

The official unveiling of the Ather Rizta is expected to take place at the Ather Community Day Celebration (ACDC 24) in 2024.

8. What is the range of the Ather Rizta?

Official range details haven’t been confirmed, but community discussions suggest it might aim for a range of at least 120 km.

9. What charging options will be available for the Ather Rizta?

Details haven’t been officially announced, but Ather typically offers both home charging and public charging options for its scooters.

10. Will the Ather Rizta have any unique features compared to other electric scooters?

Specific features haven’t been revealed yet, but the new platform and focus on a broader audience suggest it might offer something different from previous Ather models.


11. Can we pre-book the Ather Rizta?

There is no official information on pre-bookings yet. Stay tuned to Ather’s official channels for updates.

12. What are the service and maintenance costs of the Ather Rizta?

Details haven’t been announced, but Ather typically offers service packages for its scooters.

13. Is the Ather Rizta eligible for any government subsidies?

Subsidy details depend on government policies and vary by region. Check with your local authorities for information.

14. Will the Ather Rizta be available for test rides?

Test ride availability will likely be announced closer to the launch date.

15. Where can I find more information about the Ather Rizta?

Keep an eye on Ather Energy’s official website and social media channels for the latest updates on the Rizta.

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