Yamaha Recall for Ray ZR 125 and Fascino 125 Models: Ensuring Your Safety First

Yamaha Recall

Yamaha Recall: In a proactive move, Yamaha India has issued a voluntary recall affecting approximately 3,00,000 units of its 125cc scooters produced between January 1, 2022, and January 4, 2024.

Yamaha recall: Addressing Safety Concerns- Brake Lever Function in Focus

The company, emphasizing its commitment to customer safety, has identified a specific concern related to the brake lever function in certain units of the Ray ZR 125 Fi Hybrid and Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid scooter models from January 2022 onwards. Yamaha assures customers that the replacement part for the affected scooters will be provided at no cost.

To determine eligibility for the Yamaha recall, customers are advised to visit the Service section on the India Yamaha Motor website. Here, they can navigate to the ‘SC 125 Voluntary Recall’ and input their Chassis No. details to learn about the necessary next steps.

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Taking Action: How to Proceed for Yamaha recall

For added convenience, customers can also reach out to their nearest Yamaha service centre or contact India Yamaha Motor via the toll-free number – 1800-420-1600 for further assistance.

Yamaha’s commitment to promptly addressing and resolving potential issues underscores its dedication to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its customers. Regularly checking for recall eligibility and taking necessary steps is a proactive measure that contributes to a seamless and secure riding experience.

Yamaha Recall


1. Is my Yamaha Ray ZR 125 or Fascino 125 affected by the recall?

Answer: Potentially. The recall affects models manufactured between January 1, 2022, and January 4, 2024. You can check your eligibility by visiting the India Yamaha Motor website and entering your chassis number in the “SC 125 Voluntary Recall” section.

2. What is the issue with the recalled scooters?

Answer: Yamaha has identified a concern related to the brake lever function in certain units. This could potentially affect braking performance.

3. Is it safe to ride my scooter if it’s part of the recall?

Answer: Yamaha recommends taking your scooter to an authorized service center for inspection and replacement of the affected part as soon as possible. While riding is not strictly prohibited, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and have the issue addressed promptly.

4. Will the repair cost anything?

Answer: No. Yamaha will replace the faulty part free of charge.

5. How do I schedule an appointment for the repair?

Answer: Contact your nearest authorized Yamaha service center or call the Yamaha India toll-free number 1800-420-1600 to schedule an appointment.

6. How long will the repair take?

Answer: Repair time may vary depending on the service center’s workload and the specific issue with your scooter. It’s best to contact them directly for an estimated timeframe.

7. What if I recently purchased a used scooter that falls within the recall timeframe?

Answer: The recall applies to all affected scooters regardless of ownership. You can still check the eligibility and schedule a repair appointment as instructed above.

8. Are there any other safety concerns I should be aware of with these models?

Answer: This recall specifically addresses the brake lever function. It’s recommended to regularly check your scooter for any other potential issues and follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

9. Where can I find more information about the recall?

Answer: You can visit the India Yamaha Motor website or contact their customer service department for more details about the recall.

10. Are there any other Yamaha models affected by recalls?

Answer: It’s crucial to stay updated on any potential recalls. You can check the official Yamaha website or reliable automotive news sources for information about recalls affecting other models.

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